Seven life saving tricks when riding and falling off the car must be learned!

How dare you be a real knight without falling down a few times? However, the Knights can’t help asking: is it possible to prepare for a car crash? Can practicing a simple car fall reduce the risk? Although people often fall on their backs when riding a mountaineer, if we can carefully learn how to reduce the strength when hitting the ground at high speed or learn to land softly from a high place, we should reduce injury and risk.

Skill 1: in most cases, you’d better stay in the car as long as possible, because the bicycle won’t feel pain and is easier to repair than the body, so use the car as the first line of defense to protect yourself from the damage of trees, stones and other bicycles.

Everything hit by the car will slow down the driver’s rolling speed.

If the driver falls with warning instead of giving up everything, the injury is usually less serious.

Skill 2: using the principle of inertia, when BMX riders leap into the sky, they throw their cars and make beautiful gestures, which is always appreciated! It’s bad enough to hit your face on the ground when you fall down.

If you let the falling car hit your face again, the consequences will be terrible.

So, if you can’t land safely or will roll over the driver’s handle forward, be sure to push the car away.

What about falling off the runway near the cliff? If your mind turns fast enough, push the car off the edge of the cliff, and the reaction force will bounce your body back to the runway.

Of course, this is a desperate move, but fast thinking and the inertia principle of physics can save your life.

Skill 3: slide in a low position.

When the car can’t stop, lock the rear wheels, turn and let the car cross, which will make the car slide out.

At this time, use your inner foot to drag on the ground as support to achieve stability.

Control the driver’s handle to make the car slide in the correct position.

Deliberately lying on the body and sliding in a low position can prevent you from crossing the driver’s handle or falling off the cliff.

This technique can be practiced on flat and hard soil.

When the car is sliding under your body, control the handle and try to stop it with your inner foot.

Skill 4: do a rollover test, find a cushion or a bunker, then dive head down, roll with one shoulder, and finally stop with your hand.

After the first roll, shift your weight to one side and bend your arms until you stop.

First, do diving exercises with jogging speed in a static state.

After you are skilled, you can save your life when you fall at high speed.

Tip 5: clench your fist and protect your wrist.

The wrist bone is the most important part of riding a mountain bike, and it is also the most difficult to treat when it is injured.

When slipping, if the hand is open, the wrist will fold back, thus damaging the wrist bone.

Therefore, when hitting the ground, the hand should clench the fist, which can also protect the wrist bone and the skin on the palm.

It is best to automatically clench your fist when measuring roll.

Tip 6: protect your clavicle from fractures.

Your clavicle can’t bear the pressure of pushing.

Basically, they’re like ropes to keep your shoulders from sinking.

If you completely straighten your arm to stop when you fall from the car, you will break your clavicle.

Your arm will transfer the force of the fall to your small clavicle, which will break like a bread stick when pressed.

Then you go to the hospital and spend a lot of money to understand that the clavicle fracture can only be cured by itself.

Even after it is cured, there will be a bulge in front of your shoulder, which is very indecent.

In order to avoid breaking the clavicle, please read skill 4 carefully and practice rolling skills diligently.

Tip 7: caution is the best policy.

Do you want to get hurt? Then try to let your feet leave the pedal when riding on a steep slope, and then clamp the upper pipe.

When you hit a tree trunk, your body will turn around with the handlebar, and your feet will swing the mountain bike and fall on the back of your head.

When you slide down a steep slope and can’t control it, grasp the front and rear brakes and slide a pedal, (it’s better to go uphill, and then slide the center of gravity away from the bike from the back of the seat cushion).

At this time, you can jump away from the bike safely, or you can dump the car and slide in a low position until it’s safe.

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