Don’t underestimate the energy supplement when riding!

Cycling is a very simple thing.

Cycling is also a very complicated thing.

Cycling supplies alone have a lot of knowledge.

Today, we’ll answer some common questions about energy supplement for cycling.

1、 How to replenish water correctly? Cycling kettle is standard for drivers.

In addition to drinking 1.5-2 liters of water every day, it also needs to supplement the loss of body fluid during cycling.

How much water do you need to replenish every day? There is a simple way to compare your weight before and after riding, Every 1kg reduction (water loss) = 1 liter of water, so you’ll know what to do next time.

Second, energy supply on the way.

Regular cyclists know the importance of energy supply and will also carry energy bars, but how to supplement it? Generally speaking, low-intensity cycling in less than 90 minutes does not need to supplement energy.

If it’s a long-term high-intensity cycling, it’s a good idea to supplement 30-60g carbohydrates per hour Ideal quantities, such as carbohydrate drinks, energy gels, energy bars, etc.

(remember 30-60g carbohydrates, not the weight of these supplements.

Please pay attention to the composition table.) in addition, the amount of 30-60g here varies from person to person, and everyone’s gastrointestinal absorption capacity is different.

You can gradually increase from 30g to understand your body’s level.

Different energy supplements are suitable for competition.

For example, solid foods such as energy bars have high energy, but eat them It is quite troublesome.

It is hard and needs to be chewed.

It also needs to be swallowed with drinks, which affects the speed.

Therefore, it is suitable for eating in the first half of cycling.

If it is a high-intensity competition (such as time trial), energy glue and carbon water drinks will be more convenient.

When eating energy glue, you need to replenish water to help swallowing and dilute digestion and absorption, unless it is “isotonic” Energy glue.

3、 After cycling, the body needs to recover after a high-intensity energy consuming race / cycling activity.

When and how is it scientific? The best replenishment period is considered to be within 20 minutes after the end of the ride.

During this period, eating carbohydrate rich food or drinks will increase your energy reserve replenishment speed.

During this period, 1g carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight and 10g protein are the most scientific means of recovery.

It can not only reduce the possibility of injury, but also help muscle recovery and reduce muscle pain.

4、 Cycling and coffee? Some people say that cycling is better with coffee.

What’s the truth? In fact, consuming 1-3 mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight can increase power output and keep your mind highly focused! Does that mean increasing the dose can make the power explode? Unfortunately, this will not bring you additional benefits.

Coffee is not for everyone.

Drivers with high blood pressure or heart disease are advised not to eat anything containing caffeine, and if you are taking drugs, you’d better consult your doctor for any impact…