Ride ten miles to see a doctor! Li Yiwen, you can’t hide it!

This is a collection of warm stories.

If you have such stories around you, let’s join hands to build Hangzhou, a “warm city”.

When strangers fall to the ground, do you help or not? Li Yiwen, a 16-year-old girl from Hangzhou, answered silently with her actions: she not only helped, but also rode ten miles to see a doctor.

Only this time, she can’t hide her answer! Li Yiwen, a sophomore of Zhejiang medical technology school, lives in Xinyi village, Suoqian Town, Xiaoshan District.

At about 7 a.m.

on November 17, she rode an electric car to school as usual.

When passing near gujiawan village, Suoqian Town, she saw an elderly aunt fall to the ground with an electric car on her body.

At this time, Li Yiwen’s car had just driven a section of the way.

Seeing this, she turned back to stop the car and asked carefully, “what’s the matter with you? Do you need me to contact your family?” After listening to her aunt’s call, Li Yiwen called her family twice, but no one answered.

So Li Yiwen begged a cleaner nearby to help her and helped her aunt up together.

Seeing that her aunt’s hands and feet were injured, Li Yiwen thought that there was likely to be a traffic jam during the morning rush hour.

In order to see a doctor as soon as possible, she discussed with her aunt and helped her aunt onto her electric car.

She rode more than 10 miles and sent her aunt to the orthopedic hospital in the town.

Coincidentally, my aunt happens to be a doctor in this hospital.

She told her colleagues to let the girls leave their names and phone numbers.

After coming out of the hospital, Li Yiwen called the head teacher and said that she had encountered something on the road and would be a little late.

After returning to school, she didn’t mention saving people to her teachers and classmates.

The injured family came to the door to express their thanks.

This time, she couldn’t hide the injured aunt’s surname Wu.

She rode an electric car to the orthopedic hospital that morning.

Unexpectedly, the car overturned on the way, and the electric car pressed on her side and couldn’t move.

Aunt Wu really needed someone to help her.

At this time, the appearance of the little girl Li Yiwen, like a little angel sent by heaven, helped her in time.

When Aunt Wu’s daughter rushed to the hospital, aunt Wu told her that she must find the little girl and thank her face to face.

That night, aunt Wu’s daughter found Li Yiwen.

The little girl said that she had just done something to do.

The family declined the thank-you red envelope prepared by Aunt Wu’s daughter.

Li Yiwen’s behavior moved aunt Wu’s family very much: a 16-year-old girl can lend a helping hand in time when others are in danger.

This kindness is really great.

After the operation, aunt Wu wrote a letter of thanks.

Just last week, aunt Wu’s daughter sent the thank-you letter to the school.

Aunt Wu’s thank-you letter at this time, Li Yiwen’s deeds were known by everyone and soon spread among her classmates.

In the eyes of teachers and students, Li Yiwen has always been a warm-hearted child and is always ready to help others.

From left to right: Aunt Wu’s daughter, Li Yiwen and head teacher Tong “everyone will need help.

Every time I do something good within my ability, I will be in a particularly good mood.

Next time I encounter something similar, I will try my best to help others.” Li Yiwen said so.

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