Cycling • Lhasa biography (I)

When I rode National Highway 318 to the Potala Palace on August 26, 18, I knew that I would come again! After three years, I’m proud that I’m still sticking to the road of fitness! Even if what I can finally prove is that Ye Zi really can’t! In this magical place in China, there are many beautiful scenery and wonders! But Lhasa is unique in my heart! There are no more than two reasons.

It’s a long and dangerous way to come here! For me who loves adventure, I will never admit defeat to such a challenge! No one can succeed casually without going through wind and rain! I have gone through 318 of the five lines to Tibet.

This beautiful route and all the experiences on the road are like yesterday.

Yes, after three years, every kilometer on the road is deeply engraved in my mind! When I want to challenge the most difficult line into Tibet – National Highway 219, I also know what I will face! But I don’t want to regret later, because if you miss this time, you may miss it forever! I sat in front of the map again, holding the strategy to see where the Yecheng in Xinjiang is, as well as those strange and awkward place names, PA Yang and Zhong Ba, are all in the chicken butt! Although the starting point of 219 has been changed to Kashgar, I still want to start from Yecheng, perhaps because my outdoor name is YeYe! Zhang Wei saw me looking at the map again.

He left the living room silently.

I shouted to him and told him I was going to ride 219.

Unlike the strong opposition three years ago, he said to me, “can you not go!” I know that at this time, if I hesitate a little, this journey will give up.

I blurted out that I must go! I must conquer this line! Zhang Wei didn’t speak and turned to the bedroom.

Without his support, I couldn’t go anywhere.

I said I promised to come back safely! Alas, when I heard this sigh, I knew in my heart that the ride was finished.

I prepared all the items in advance, packed them with my bike and sent them to Yecheng, Xinjiang by China Railway Express! At 11:00 p.m.

on July 7, Zhang Wei and his daughter took me to the railway station.

When I was about to go out, my daughter cried for a stomachache.

I held her down the stairs while holding the suitcase.

Before I walked two floors, she had already squatted down in pain.

I was worried and panicked.

I didn’t know whether to continue to the railway station or take her daughter to the hospital.

Zhang Wei went upstairs to pick up the child and said to me, Go to the railway station yourself and I’ll take my daughter to the hospital! At that time, I saw that my daughter’s face was pale and my heart was horizontal.

I pulled up the suitcase and left.

As soon as I turned around, my tears flowed out…

When I got on the train, I was waiting for Zhang Wei’s text message.

I didn’t receive his message until the early morning of the 8th, saying that my daughter had acute gastroenteritis and had hung up the water and returned home.

My heart was down.

The signal on the train was bad and the news was received intermittently, I began to feel a little anxious.

Because there is no direct train to Yecheng, I need to transfer through Turpan.

The three-day train will not reach Yecheng until the evening of the 10th! Unlike the mainland, the sun is still high here at 10 pm! After checking the itinerary code and nucleic acid again and again, I finally arrived at Yecheng.

I saw it again and again on the map.

It is different from the desolation I imagined, but asphalt roads and roadside shops show the prosperity of the city.

I feel both cordial and novel here! After arranging accommodation at the White Swan Hotel, I met Wu Di, the first female donkey friend! When a foodie comes to the beautiful Xinjiang, he can only pay tribute to it with moving food! Barbecue, beer arrangement, and Nang that local people must eat every day.

When it comes to this Nang, I can only say that I don’t want to eat it anymore! In the first 10 days of riding, this is the food I eat every day! On the 11th, I took the bike out of the logistics center.

Because I didn’t understand the local language, I was stunned at the Aimin logistics center.

It took me ten minutes to understand it.

I packed all the things that needed to be packed on the road and bought a lot of Nang on my back, because I think Nang can be stored for a long time.

When I buy instant noodles, I also need to buy gas stove and pot.

If I like to save trouble, I bought a lot of Nang, salty, sweet and spicy.

It’s full of a bag.

I know it’s not fun to go out, and it’s good to eat! Early in the morning on the 12th, I finished my breakfast and started on my way! Two kilometers out of the hotel, you come to the starting point sign building of national highway 219! Continue after taking photos in various positions.

Because it’s the first day of riding, I’m still very excited! After all, this is the journey I have been thinking about for more than half a year.

In order to be afraid of being lonely on the road, I specially bought a string of bells to hang on my handlebar.

There is a wind blowing and tinkling sound, which can relieve the monotonous journey!..