Ride Bodhi Island, leting tourism strategy


Tangshan Bay International Tourism Island is mainly composed of Bodhi Island, yuetuo Island, Jinsha island and land seashore.

All three island tours will start from this wharf.


The three islands of leting are not too far apart.

This speedboat is the main means of transportation.

There is air conditioning and commentators in the cabin, which is very comfortable.


Tourists can also charter this kind of fishing boat to go to sea for fishing.

4 Before the development of tourism resources, people along the coast of leting lived by fishing.

So far, there are many fishing ports here.


Bodhi Island wharf is built in style and berthed with a number of high-class yachts, which is closely related to the villas and clubs on the island.


Bodhi island is named because there are a large number of bodhi trees planted on the island.

7 Bodhi island is also known as shijiutuo.

According to the records of leting county annals, the whole island is uplifted around and low-lying in the middle, which looks like the Shijiu used to pound rice in the past, so it is called shijiutuo.


Bodhi island is also called 19 Tuo.

It is said that Li Shimin, king of the Tang Dynasty, stayed here for 19 days during the eastern expedition, so it is called 19 Tuo.

It seems that the coastal area of Tangshan calls the island 19 Tuo.

Nowadays, the island ring road has been built on the island, and visitors can enjoy the coastal scenery by battery car.


There are many sea viewing pavilions on the island ring road.

The island on the far sea on the right of the photo is yuetuo island.


Bodhi island is under development, and there are no permanent residents on the island.

The relatively closed natural environment has never been damaged by too many people.

The wooden plank road well protects the vegetation from being damaged, This is commendable.


Most of the corridors leading to the sea view villa are paved like this.

Many places have to wade, which is a bit wild.


Bodhi Island says that it is big and small.

In order to save energy, we rented this four person bicycle for 100 yuan for unlimited time More than ten Sea View Villas on the island are hidden in the natural environment.

The appearance and interior of these villas are made of logs, and various facilities are available, which is quite luxurious.

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