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—— ignore the following and fill in the content —— “she’s not my fiancee for a long time.” buckwheat? ” Shen Nan whispered her name.

“Miss Bai has a unique ability to make up stories.

It’s really hard not to make up a script.

She wants him to be good and he’s alone.

But his fiancee is bright and delicate.

She doesn’t know two words.

How can she compare with her?” Oh ~ “Gu Xiaoqiao suddenly laughed, but the sadness in the smile surprised even Shen Nan.

The sound of porcelain falling on the ground was very harsh.

When they looked for prestige, they saw Gu Xiaoqiao standing at the door and looking at them with a helpless face, “sorry…


I’m not stable for a moment.” Bai Rou was pushed and staggered by her, and her thigh just knocked at the corner of the table.

She bared her teeth in pain, stared at Shen Nan’s eyes, and was angry.

” Gu Sanlang said two words coldly.

” Jiang stopped the wind and retorted, then looked into the hall, “I don’t know where she went.” sit down.

From the time she wanted to tear the woman off Jiang Tingfeng’s arm, she knew that the so-called calm was just something she tried to hide.

She didn’t feel anything at all, but now when she thought about it, the day when Jiang Tingfeng came to Yunyang mansion was not the day when Jiang Tingfeng came to Yunyang mansion “Where’s your fiancee?” Shen Nan asked Jiang to stop the wind.

He would have a word with her, but she mocked Gu Sanlang like that today.

He held his breath and didn’t bother to talk to her.

But his fiancee is bright and delicate.

At first glance, she is a lady of the family.

She doesn’t know two words.

How can she compare with her? “Oh ~” Gu Xiaoqiao suddenly laughed, but the sadness in the smile frightened even Shen Nan.