Long distance riding is the best way to increase your strength

Pay attention to the “riding king” and watch the world ride! Long distance cycling has always been regarded as the best training method for endurance and physical strength.

Many professional riders will use long-distance cycling to exercise themselves.

Long distance riding is mainly slow riding, which is basically long-distance riding with relatively slow tread frequency.

Long distance slow cycling can improve your body’s adaptability, including increasing microvessel density, myoglobin, mitochondria, glycogen storage, and the ability to freely convert fatty acids into energy.

Don’t be frightened by these professional terms.

Now let’s explain their meaning one by one.

Myoglobin is an oxygen storage pigment.

The more myoglobin, the more oxygen stored in muscle.

The higher the microvessel density, the more oxygen delivered to the muscle, and the faster the elimination of lactic acid (that is, the faster the fatigue will be eliminated).

The granulosa gland is the engine that converts nutrients into energy.

The more granulosa glands, the slower the consumption of glycogen representing the body, and the exercise time can naturally last longer.

Glycogen is made from glucose in carbohydrates through dehydration condensation.

It is mainly stored in muscle and liver.

It is the most important energy source for high-intensity riding.

Generally speaking, glycogen will be exhausted after two and a half hours of riding.

If you train well for long-distance slow riding, Your body’s ability to store glycogen (that is, physical strength) will continue to increase.

Of course, high-intensity training still plays an important role in cycling training, such as using interval training to simulate the feeling of competition a few weeks before the competition.

However, with the confirmation of theory and scientific basis, long-distance slow riding has undoubtedly become an extremely important part of cycling training.

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