Even if it’s a commuter ride, learn these, and you can save lives on the road!

Pay attention to the “riding king” and watch the world ride! With the increasing popularity of cycling, cycling commuting has become the choice of many people.

Therefore, for our personal safety, it is necessary for us to understand the potential safety hazards of commuting.

The principle of Xiaobian is that as long as it doesn’t rain, he is definitely the most commuter in the company, riding 20-35 kilometers every day.

Due to the epidemic this year, many people choose to ride healthily and stay away from the crowd, so there are more commuters on the road.

Today, I’ll share with you some experience of commuting by bike and some safe riding tips.


Pay more attention to traffic regulations when riding to and from work.

During commuting time, there are more pedestrians and traffic flow on the road.

We must abide by traffic regulations.


Better slow down one minute than three seconds.

If you’re worried about being late, go out five minutes early.

There’s no need to rush with others during the rush hour.


When riding on the road, you must pay attention to the vehicles parked on the roadside.

You may open the door at any time, and try to keep a safe distance.


When turning, pay attention to slow down.

There may be pedestrians behind the blind area covered by grass.


Pay attention to the manhole covers on the road.

Many manhole covers have not been inspected for many years, have long been loose, and even turn over.


After the rain, the paint marking area and marble ground on the road are wet and slippery.

Be careful and walk slowly.


If possible, you can buy riding glasses, which can block flying sand and stones for you.


Remember to look up at the road.

Don’t always pay attention to the code table.

If you ride fast, you should look up and look far.


The Striped manhole covers of sewers should also be avoided.

Some road wheels are easy to get stuck, resulting in a flat tire.


When the phone rings on the road, don’t stop to answer on the spot.

You must ride to a safe area and listen to the phone again.


Pay attention to avoid large trucks, buses and mud trucks.

They are the iron man on the road.

If they get too close, they will suffer.


Adjust your mind, pay attention to be calm and focused, and don’t let other emotions affect riding safety.

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