You love riding. Have you prepared all the winter riding equipment?

There is no bad weather, only the wrong equipment.

Choosing the right thing in the right weather, preparing your riding equipment, and then cycling outside is the right choice.

In winter cycling, as long as you prepare according to the list provided by Xiaobian, there is nothing to worry about in winter cycling.

Can you ride a bike and enjoy the riding Wonderland brought to you by winter.

Winter riding clothes no matter what the weather is, the secret of comfortable riding is thermal insulation.

In winter, we need to wear multiple layers, because different layers can have slightly different functions and collect heat between them.

In cold conditions, choose a good windproof riding suit in the front and middle.

When cycling, the cold will first attack your chest and abdomen.

You can choose to add a layer in the form of a vest.

It will better provide “warmth” for your torso.

Riding glasses are as important for eye protection in winter as in summer.

In winter, the cumulative effect of solar ultraviolet radiation on invisibility and the threat to eyes and vision are also greatly increased.

Moreover, the wet road in winter also greatly increases the probability that foreign matters may fly into eyes from the road.

Riding headscarve in winter, in addition to protecting the chest and abdomen, the cold will attack us from the collar.

Select the appropriate riding headscarve or relevant equipment for thermal insulation around the neck.

And you can wrap the scarf around your ears to keep warm, or even wrap the scarf around your helmet to keep warm, so as to give full play to the ability of changeable headscarves.

When riding in winter, the protection of hands is more indispensable.

Wearing appropriate riding warm gloves can greatly increase the riding control ability.

Can you change speed and brake flexibly when your hands are shivering with cold in winter? Winter tires if you are riding in ice and snow, it is also very important to prepare a set of good winter or snow tires.

Changing to a special winter tire or tubeless tire running under lower pressure can provide greater grip in winter and slightly reduce the chance of puncture.

When riding in winter, mudguards are easy to ride in the rain, snow and wet environment.

It is best to install mudguards.

Although they may not be particularly cool, they can effectively prevent the mud on the slippery road, the vision in front of you, and the formation of a muddy road at the back of your riding clothes.

Shoe covers ride in winter.

Frozen feet are also the worst feeling when you ride a bike.

In order to have a good riding experience, you need a warm and waterproof riding shoe cover.

Winter riding boots are a good way to keep your feet warm.

When riding with lights in winter, the day is short and the night is long.

Once the night falls, you need to install lights and corresponding reflectors to increase the safety of riding, which can bring corresponding lighting to riding and warn vehicles or pedestrians on the road.

Why not protect your own safety and remind others? When we ride with our tools in winter, in cold weather and on slippery roads, our vehicles are also prone to such small faults.

If you carry a pair of portable gadgets, you can solve simple faults at any time.

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