Fast food dry food finishing that can easily supplement energy during cycling

Riding requires a lot of energy.

You can only use dry food to supplement your physical strength before you go to the camp or the planned dining place.

It’s impossible to bury a pot for cooking immediately when you are a little hungry.

Xiaobian collected some fast food dry food that donkey friends often bring.


Compressed biscuits although compressed biscuits don’t taste very good, they can effectively satisfy your hunger.

Therefore, if you don’t travel on your own with the idea of luxury, compressed biscuits are one of the essential basic rations.


Chocolate calorie supplement self-help tour is a physical exercise.

For example, mountain climbing, hiking and rafting will consume many nutrients in the body.

The chocolate in the backpack can not only provide energy for daily meals, but also provide many minerals and nutrients that can meet the basic needs of the human body.

3, jerky jerky beef is what is the essence of meat snacks.

No matter what flavor it tastes, it has the toughness and dry flavor of meat.

It tastes very fresh, and there are many kinds of beef jerky.

Most of the dried noodles are dry.

When they are pickled, they taste in every bit of meat fiber, and the fine products will be very hungry.


Eating instant noodles is much more convenient and faster than cooking.

Many people often take it as their staple food when walking for a long time.

After all, it is hot food.

In the wilderness, the feeling of eating hot food is very different from that of eating cold food.


The most important function of mustard is to supplement the salt quickly lost by our donkey friends due to strenuous exercise and maintain fluid balance.

In addition, mustard has the saying of “natural halo Haining”.

People who are carsick and seasick will put a piece of mustard in their mouth to chew, which will relieve their boredom.


Raisins, peanuts, dried tofu and other snack foods depend on whether they need to take them or not.

Now more and more girls have joined the camp of outdoor hiking.

These snack foods are not very heavy.

They can be used to satisfy their cravings on the road, and they are also good supplementary food.

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