Do you have a pair of pants that you wear for commuting. Waterproof, antifouling, anti-wear and warm!

This winter is really cold, cold, cold! No longer is to show thin, smelly beauty, and less wear a pair of pants, a clothes age ~ little red bean more and more deeply realized: warm! This is the bottom line that a mature adult should stick to during the winter! If you don’t keep warm, everything else is useless! It’s all bullshit! Down jacket, de Rong bottomed shirt, hot thermal underwear and cotton dragging children have been arranged for everyone, but I always feel less! Looking down, I found that what is less is a pair of spicy winter pants that are actually cold proof and frost resistant and are not afraid of rain and snow@ When the beautiful real shot meets it, not only the water drops will automatically roll down ~@ beautiful real shot, but also the big fish and meat and hot pot barbecue in winter.

Who makes it have a layer of Teflon teflor coating on the surface, which is a serious three prevention pants against water, oil and wear! From the international well-known outdoor brand Ocean & Earth! Ocean & Earth focuses on outdoor sports and functional wear.

The crooked nuts in the Southern Hemisphere Love it, and the local sales have been Hin good! Or they are professional outdoor brands.

The suede and pants fabric of this cold proof pants are still combined together.

It not only keeps warm and can hold the weather of 0-5 degrees Celsius, but also is particularly tear resistant and wear-resistant@ Beautiful real photography, wind resistance, water resistance and oil pollution prevention.

You can wear a qualified winter pants outdoors every day, not only to ✅ It can stand the test of low temperature and is warm enough.

Still have ✅ Be able to cope with rain, snow and strong wind.

Ocean & Earth pants, I would like to give it 101 points in terms of “performance”! The fabric of pants is a mixture of polyester and spandex, which feels smooth and elastic.

The reason for full skill comes from a layer of Teflon teflor coating on the surface of pants: windproof and waterproof.

We had a test, put the paper towel on the drying cell phone, and the paper towel flew to open our teeth and claws.

But what about keeping the windbreaker in the middle? The tissue is basically motionless.

Windproof strength is visible to the naked eye! Secondly, the upper body is warm due to the extra thick thickening fleece inside the trousers, and the lock temperature is awesome.

The coating is responsible for keeping the cold air out, and the inner fleece is responsible for locking the temperature inside.

You’re not warm.

Who’s warm?! Although this layer of velvet doesn’t feel very thick, it uses 100% polyester fiber, which is used in many professional outdoor clothes.

It has high fluffy degree, more air can be clamped between fibers, the air is more static, and the warmth of clothing is better ~ as soon as the legs stretch in, they are like being wrapped by a furry blanket! 👇 The original 169 limited time 149@ beautiful real shooting, in addition to wind protection and warmth, this pair of pants also has the characteristics of water resistance, dirt resistance and tear resistance.

In case of water, the water will quickly form water droplets and automatically roll down from the surface of the fabric.

Accidentally caught in the rain, the pants will not be wet, always keep warm and dry! The abrasion resistance test of the cleaning brush is easy to pass.

When you go hiking and cycling, you are not afraid of the clothes caught by the branches ~ and you are worried about the fabric detection problem.

Little red bean specially asked the supplier for a report.

It’s very reassuring to wear it close to you! The version of milk is high and thin, and the good-looking upper legs are a very big highlight of this windproof pants.

After all, most of the warm and windproof pants on the market are either colorful, or they are a whole bloated, fat and slow-moving pants.

It’s like a pair of pants with xqilin tires.

Let’s ask, do you look good? This is also the reason why little red bean is planted with grass by ocean & Earth’s cold pants.

First of all, its version design is very particular.

The straight tube small cone version has a much higher appearance value than ordinary outdoor pants ~ it looks thin and tall when wearing thief pull, and it won’t be tight, muggy and uncomfortable@ The beautiful real shooting trouser tube is neat and stylish.

It has the function of lengthening and straightening long legs, which makes the leg shape look particularly good.

Secondly, it is warm and not bloated.

Although it is plush, the suede is compounded with the fabric to keep warm and wind resistant, and will not be fat at all.

The details are also nice.

For example, there are three functional pockets with zippers at the front left, front right and rear right of the waist with moderate tightness and elasticity.

The fabric is very strong.

It’s no problem to wear it for three or four years after buying it.

Now this warm and thin cold proof pants 149 can be taken off.

If you don’t rush, you’re not afraid of cold people! [Ocean & Earth black technology cold pants] original 169 now 149 👇 In addition, this pair of waterproof and warm ocean & Earth gloves with a touch screen of more than 6 can be matched with the original 99 time limit 79 👇 Wear gloves to slide the mobile phone.

M and L are available in two sizes.

The outer layer is preferably made of high-density fabric, which is waterproof, windproof and antifouling.

Inner Plush integrated heat storage, hands are taken care of! In order to test the practicability of this cold proof glove, little red bean rode it for 20 minutes in – 2 degrees weather@ The beautiful real shot conforms to the ergonomic curved finger design, which can move freely and knead the brake easily.

And it’s warmer.

Like the pants, it’s actually splash proof, rain and snow are nothing to say ~ of course, the fragrance of this glove is its index finger touch screen skill! When cycling or outdoor sports, it is convenient to fry chicken when answering the phone and reading news ~ more intimate, in order to facilitate you to hold the handlebar, snowstick, bag and mobile phone, the position of the palm is specially adopted ✅ Anti slip and wear-resistant splicing design, practical explosion.

Cyclists and skiers can choose from one to two sizes.

They can also adjust their weight with a small zipper outside.

So practical, who can not love! Original time limit 79 👇 Slide your cell phone with gloves and don’t forget your pants 👇 Stamp original 👇, It’s a great winter!..