Riding gives you an experience other than riding itself. What else?

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I just want to have fun.

What kind of soul chicken soup do you pull? It’s nonsense except adrenaline! However, through this half year’s experience, I suddenly found that more than ten years of riding experience had a great impact on the cultivation of current character and the shaping of three outlooks.

First, experience must be physical and sensory.

If you are interested, you might as well read some travel notes.

There are many professional websites such as Dongfanghong.

I wrote an article many years ago, “when the moon is full and the wind is high at night, when the leek mountain is fragrant – from the ridge of Lingshan mountain to Longmen ditch”.

About the sensory experience of riding, because I don’t ride long distances, I can’t answer such experiences as going to Tibet or traveling around Qinghai Lake.

I like am.

I usually mix in Xiangshan, Go cross-country with friends in the surrounding mountains during the long holiday (it’s not long-distance riding, it’s cross-country!), I have rich experience in mountain biking.

My answers are based on this.

I’ve thought for a long time, and the conclusion is: in fact, there is no difference in the scenery between cycling and walking.

There is no point, line and surface.

As long as you sweat and bask in the sun, you can see no much difference through similar roads through your physical labor.

No The same is just the fun of riding itself.

For a long time, it has been perplexed why cross-country running enthusiasts have increased like Imai, while mountain biking has not been warm for a long time.

The conclusion is that the threshold of mountain biking is too high.

Physical strength, financial resources and enthusiasm are indispensable in all aspects.

So, in fact, the experience that riding gives you, apart from riding itself, is not much different from walking.

But riding itself is so attractive to me that I don’t get tired of walking the same road a hundred times a thousand times.

I don’t know if walking will lead to aesthetic fatigue.

I’m inexperienced.

Besides the spiritual aspect.

A few months ago, he left DIDU and went to work in the countryside of the second tier cities.

He changed from a decent looking post to work in the factory and joined the front line, Get up early and work late with industrial workers (I really get up early and work late, working 12 ~ 14h every day, often not even one weekend).

It is completely a screw.

The advantages and fun of life in the imperial capital, my circle of friends, including my small and comfortable house, have been left behind.

Now I live in a dormitory with no walls.

There is no entertainment around the town.

It is difficult to find an emotional restaurant and prosperous business place to replace the five lights and ten lights Color, only patches of rape fields.

Friends passing by the city will be surprised when they come to the party: Why are you here! Come back quickly! I can fully understand their surprise.

If it had been a few years ago, it would have been unacceptable: what kind of great change is this? I don’t even have a car to ride! This is unthinkable to me (in the past ten years, I have basically maintained the habit of cycling every week and never stopped).

But now, I don’t pay too much attention to the external environment.

It doesn’t make much difference if I am in downtown or suburban areas.

My years of cycling experience has shown me the essence of life.

Therefore, I am willing to give up cycling and work hard for a short time.

Cycling has taught me to give up and put it down temporarily Ride.

It looks big, but he’s true.

Riding let me know: prosperity is a thing of the past, and what I love is in the vast nature.

All the beautiful scenery that makes you hold your breath and concentrate requires hard work.

There is no shortcut, no excuse, no pay, nothing to see.

Riding also makes me more resilient and patient.

Climbing 2K the slope, you have to step on each foot steadily, without complaining.

And to overcome all the difficulties, we have to fall countless times, overcome fear and make a determination, just as we treat the difficulties of life.

I believe that with so much time invested, other forms of riding or sports can bring similar feelings.

However, for me, cycling is the only way to maintain enthusiasm and tirelessness.

That’s a mess.

I drank too much at work at night….

But I have to work tomorrow…

Many big words float in the air.

You don’t help or ignore it….

In a recent long-term activity, I looked worried about the photos sent by my friends…

Riding is a pilgrimage for devout people.

It is a kind of hard practice and experience.

Sometimes I often wonder what is the meaning of riding? Is it persistence all the way? Is it the beautiful scenery along the way? Or the happiness of reaching the destination? Maybe not.

In the heart of everyone who loves cycling, cycling has different meanings.

It may be a feeling of life, a self breakthrough, a pursuit of memory, or a sharpening of growth.

However, no matter what attitude it appears in people’s hearts, it is the endorsement of a healthy and upward lifestyle.

The riding process may be very hard and tired, but we always insist.

Even if we are very tired, we are happy.

Challenge, the meaning of riding, but also the meaning of life.

The old wolf editor once said that it had a very awesome name – omnipotent charge, but now it can’t charge anything.

So, don’t take your past too seriously.

The world is changing, you remain the same, and you can only be eliminated in the end…

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