These Australian cycling routes are waiting for you to punch in

Rideon’s most creditable Australian cycling resorts range from the round-the-city cruise to the rugged mountain trails, where you can enjoy the best cycling experience in Australia.

You know what? Australia has many world-famous popular cycling destinations.

Every year, Australia also holds many cycling events, including the Santos Down Under, the largest cycling race in the southern hemisphere, held in South Australia from 13 to 22 this month.

Santos DownUnder Cycling Race (photo source: AAP) Although the coastline and urban lanes available for cycling are the favorites of local people, many unexpected routes in Australia can explore their unique beauty by cycling.

If you yearn for a remote place, you can ride freely on the highway stretching across the whole country, accompanied by local wildlife along the way.

Or, if you want to ride along the coast, you can explore the whole eastern coastline.

In this paper, we have sorted out the best places to ride in Australia’s three major cities, namely Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Come, take your camera, jump on your bike, and embark on a long-awaited journey with Xiaoao.

Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales, Sydney © A good way to personally explore Sydney Harbour in Sydney, the New South Wales cycling destination (Destination NSW) is to ride along its famous blue waters.

BayRun, located in the west of Sydney, is one of the most popular seaside runways, and Sydney residents can not only walk, run, row boats here, but also ride bicycles on the 7-kilometer loop.

Another popular cycling path is located in Century Park in the east of Sydney.

It is picturesque and attracts more than 700000 cyclists every year.

The 3.7-kilometer closed circular runway is smooth and equipped with independent cycling lanes, which is especially suitable for a family to explore by bike.

In addition, you can rent a bicycle in the park.

Brunsto Byron Beach Ride is about an hour’s flight to the north of Sydney.

It is located in the famous seaside town of Byron Bay, which is sunny all the year round.

There are more local cycling communities than those with cars.

From here to the west, you can reach the hinterland of the rolling green hills, or drive along the Bruns-Ballen Beach cycling route (a 13-kilometer long cycling route starting from the Brunswick Heights Tourist Center) to the famous main beach.

Another famous cycling mecca of the Royal Sydney National Park is the Royal Sydney National Park, which is located one hour south of Sydney.

There is a 70-kilometer-long highway, surrounded by lush eucalyptus trees, winding through Australia’s oldest nature reserve.

If you are looking for an unforgettable mountain biking experience, the mountain biking path of Manly Dam will be a good choice – this 10-kilometer fast cycling prop has complex terrain, sharp turns and a lot of downhills, which can bring excellent riding experience for everyone.

Photo source: South Highland of New South Wales Government The South Highland of New South Wales is also a special place – there are rolling hills, unspoiled bushes, and various wild animals.

Located between Canberra and Sydney, there are many cycling routes to choose from.

In addition, there are many gentle hills here, including the best Bowral and Bong Bong Track.

At the end of the year, there is a road network across the Cosusco National Park in the Great Snow Mountains, which is known by many as the top of cycling in New South Wales.

This is the highest peak in Australia, so you can ride boldly on higher altitude sections and complete a series of challenging climbing and descending during the ride.

These trails are open only in warm months.

In view of this, it is necessary to make corresponding cycling plans.

Melbourne Victoria High Mountain Highway and Railway Line © North East Victoria Tourism Melbourne takes cycling as seriously as coffee.

Among its cycling routes, the most famous is the Capital Cycling Road, which is an urban loop with a length of about 30 kilometers and winds through the most historic landmarks in Melbourne, such as the Federal Square, Melbourne Zoo and the Royal Botanical Garden.

If you think Sydney is the only city with excellent waterfront cycling routes, perhaps you can come to Melbourne to experience the leisurely waterfront cycling route with a length of about 6 kilometers in Phillip Bay, starting from the Moon Park, which is suitable for taking photos and cards in St Kilda, and extending to the bay suburb of Brighton.

If you are a history enthusiast, you can go to Goldfields Track.

This 210 km long cycling route is named after the rich gold reserves in the region – which once made Melbourne the richest city in the world.

Starting from the top of Mount Bunnyong (about 1.5 hours’ drive from Melbourne), you will finally arrive at Bendigo after passing through the towns with a long history, such as Bararit, Cresik, Dalsford and Kaslmein.

Butler Mountain The Butler Mountain in the northeast of downtown Melbourne is a winter wonderland.

When spring (usually around September) comes and all the snow melts, it becomes one of the best mountain biking resorts in Victoria.

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