Cycling is really a great sport

When you put your blood into cycling, do people around you often throw out some strange questions? Why are you getting fatter and fatter? I’m so busy every day.

How can I go cycling at your leisure? No girlfriend after riding for so long? Can’t you appreciate yourself? Girls still ride bicycles? You are not afraid of sunburn and leg thickening.

This is the rhythm of becoming a woman.

It’s tiring to ride a bike.

Why suffer and spend so much money? Why not go shopping and buy clothes? Does this car cost hundreds? You can buy an electric car at this price Have you ever been sneered at or laughed at? In fact, all the questions come from their misunderstanding of cycling.

All you can do is to insist on being yourself.

Continue to move forward, with legs alternating repeatedly, with hot breath on the body and breathless mouth.

Never mind rolling over thousands of miles with the wheels of “killing hands” on yourself to enjoy the magnificent scenery of mountains and rivers.

These are considered self-abuse in the eyes of others, but riding is my hobby and pursuit.

You can not ride, but don’t talk nonsense.

You can not understand, but please don’t slander.

Gossip flies with the wind, and the sweat left by every ride remembers that I have tried, and I am still trying.

Cycling is an attitude.

It is my attitude towards healthy life.

Maybe you don’t know anything about it, but what’s the matter with me? I ride, I want to tell you that you enjoy life! I’m enjoying life! We are getting apart!.