Protect your face when riding in winter

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Thank you for your support! Cold weather is not only easy to frostbite hands, feet, joints, and even may hurt your “face”.

Affected by the cold wind, the incidence rate of facial paralysis has increased significantly since winter.

Winter is the high incidence period of facial paralysis diseases, which is closely related to low temperature.

Most of them are 20-50 years old, and more than 80% are affected by wind and cold.

The underlying cause of such diseases is physical weakness and poor resistance.

It is suggested that citizens should pay attention to keeping their faces warm and keep healthy during outdoor activities.

The cold winter wind is the inducement of facial paralysis.

The cause of formation is complex, and the cold wind is an important inducement.

This disease has a high incidence rate in winter, which is closely related to low temperature and large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

If the cold wind blows directly on the face for a long time, it will cause local nerve and blood vessel spasm due to cold stimulation.

Because the facial nerve is very long, it is easy to be paralyzed due to ischemia, edema and compression, resulting in facial paralysis.

At present, the rate of young people suffering from this disease is on the rise.

Some young people live irregularly, drink too much and stay up late.

The white-collar workers in the workplace work overtime for a long time, face the computer for a long time, and bear great pressure, which will make the face paralysis come to them.

This is because the irregular lifestyle reduces human immunity.

Facial skin has the strongest tolerance to cold, but facial nerves are relatively fragile.

Human immunity is low, facial nerve is easy to be infected with inflammation and virus, which can also cause facial paralysis.

For this group of people, the cold wind has become “the last straw to overwhelm camels”.

If not treated in time, it may develop into permanent facial paralysis, resulting in facial expressionless or mouth angle skew.

Outdoor activities can protect the face from road congestion and parking inconvenience, making many people prefer to travel by bike.

The doctor suggested that although it is convenient to travel by bike, you should pay attention to the protection and “arm” your face with masks, masks and necklaces.

Other winter outdoor sports also need to protect the face.

It is better to wear a mask when going out.

Especially after drinking, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, and a lot of sweating, etc.

The doctor suggested that to stay away from facial paralysis, in addition to protecting the face from the cold, we should also develop healthy habits of work and rest, avoid excessive fatigue, ensure adequate sleep, and maintain optimistic mood.

In case of facial numbness and other symptoms, see a doctor in time..