There are many advantages of cycling. These five are enough to change your life!

For most people, it seems impractical to spend a few hours on cycling every day.

Because day after day, you will spend more energy as an amateur and have a headache because of the strict mileage timing.

However, it is very feasible to insist on daily cycling, which can have a positive impact on your life.

The five benefits of cycling make you understand that cycling every day is not only very simple, but also not so strict with your time and energy.

If you are not ready to persist in cycling every day for a long time, it is recommended that you try to persist in the short term first, which will help you form a habit gradually.


Enjoy your commute more.

If you want to ride a bike every day, but the time is short, one of the most ideal ways is to integrate it into your life arrangement and become a part of your daily commute.

“Unlike gym exercises, bicycles can easily be combined with daily life,” Nick Cavell said.

Cycling to and from the office will save a few minutes.

The riders in Portland, the United States, spend at least two and a half hours a week cycling, and the short distance cycling takes up most of the time.

But if your commute is really long, you can include cycling as part of your transportation mode.

Of course, if you can, the popular electric bicycle is also a good choice.


Train your mind.

Once you have formed the habit of cycling to and from work, you will be better prepared for the future.

For example, on weekends, when there is no need to use a car, you can accomplish things faster and more conveniently by cycling.

Relevant research has found that daily exercise will make you energetic and reduce fatigue.

Even a short 30-minute exercise will improve your reaction time, memory and stimulate your creative inspiration.

“Cycling is one of the best sports I recommend,” said Corey Kunzer, a physiotherapist.

Cycling can help relieve the stress of joints, and also reduce psychological anxiety and depression.

Through relevant questionnaires, we can find that the overall mental health of men who ride to and from work every day will be better improved.


Better sex life.

According to the self-report released by men who exercise six to seven days a week, their sexual desire is higher or far higher than the average level (women’s sexual desire also increases, but not so intense).

Exercise has been proved to cause sexual impulse and reduce sexual dysfunction to some extent, or at least for some reason.

Too comfortable environment will lower the testosterone level of men, but only 20 minutes of vigorous exercise will make women more sensitive to sex.


Control and counteract overeating.

We often fantasize that if we can eat whatever we want every day without gaining weight, how good it would be! Wake up, even if you exercise hard, you can’t eat another doughnut.

However, daily cycling exercise can help you relax the requirements of restricted diet.

Researchers at the University of Bath conducted an experiment in which two groups of men took a lot of exercise, but only one group was required to adhere to it every day.

Although they consumed the same amount of calories, considering the calories consumed by exercise, a group of people who exercised strictly every day offset the adverse effects of overeating, such as hyperglycemia and unhealthy metabolic changes.

“One of the reasons why daily exercise is so useful is that it can make our muscles become the ‘buffer’ of food,” said Dylan Thomas, a professor of health science at the University of Bath, the author of the study.

“When you use your muscles, they will break down the carbohydrate and fat reserves.” 5.

Longer life cycle commuting can not only make your life healthier and happier, but also make you live longer by cycling year after year.

In Norway, a large study investigated a group of more than 70 and more than 80 elderly men and found that 30 minutes of exercise a day can prolong the life span of these men by 5 years compared with men who do not do any physical activities.

Another study in Taiwan, China, China, surveyed more than 400000 adults, asked them about the time of exercise, and tracked respondents for eight years.

It was found that only 15 minutes of exercise per day would increase their life expectancy by 3 years.

When the investigator started this study, none of these people were young, and most of them had no incredible sports ability.

So it’s not too late to start..