May Day, 2022 (the 34th day)

On the 34th day of cycling in Sichuan-Tibet, on June 3 (Dragon Boat Festival), the light rain turned clear, and Tongmai Town – Lulang Town, it took 70.07 kilometers to ride, took 6 hours and 29 minutes, climbed 1402 meters, and the total mileage was 2833.24 kilometers.

It was still raining in the morning.

Sister Yang and the riders in Sichuan had breakfast and started out in the rain.

I didn’t go out until more than 8 o’clock.

At this time, I couldn’t afford to go out.

Not far from the inn is the Monument to the Ten Heroes of the Sichuan-Tibet Transport Line, which is to commemorate the 10 auto soldiers who died in 1967 in order to transport war supplies in time when they encountered a huge landslide at the Tongmai antenna.

Tongmai antenna used to be one of the most dangerous sections on the Sichuan-Tibet line, with frequent geological disasters.

In 2018, the state invested nearly 1.5 billion yuan in the treatment and reconstruction of the landslide group.

At present, the new “five tunnels and two bridges” project has ensured the smoothness of this section, and Tongmai Natural Danger has become a history.

Arrive at Dongjiu Village at noon, where many restaurants have been opened due to the construction of Sichuan-Tibet Railway.

Today’s journey is short, but it climbs a lot.

When I got here, I was tired and hungry, and the sky began to rain again.

The climb is steeper after more than 20 kilometers.

I have to eat and rest to recover my strength.

When I was looking for a restaurant, I suddenly saw a “old Shaanxi noodle restaurant” near the national road from a distance.

The restaurant was still a short distance away from the national road.

Because the construction was on gravel and dirt roads, and it was raining heavily, I hurried to push the car to the restaurant.

The boss greeted me from a distance, and I felt very friendly when I heard the voice.

When I entered the restaurant, I said that the township party was extremely enthusiastic.

The boss’s family is from Baoji.

They have opened a restaurant here for several years.

After going out for more than a month, I ate authentic Shaanxi food, Shaanxi cold dishes, meat buns, and oil-splashed Biangbiang noodles.

Today is the Dragon Boat Festival.

After dinner, the boss gave me a home-made dumplings.

I really appreciate the boss’s family, and let me experience the flavor of my hometown thousands of miles away.

It is also a festival in a foreign country.

The journey in the afternoon was really brutal.

It was not only steep, but also rainy from time to time.

The rain stopped and the slope was very hot.

The rain-proof clothes were put on and off, and then put on again.

Finally, they arrived at Lulang at 5:00 p.m., and the rain stopped.

The scenery in front of them was so beautiful, and their tiredness was gone completely.

They went into the town while enjoying the beautiful scenery and looking for accommodation.

Sister Yang and they lived in the Dean’s Inn at 57, I temporarily decided to rest here for a day, and then decided to find a comfortable hotel to stay in.

My friend helped me find this Lingyunke Boutique Hotel online.

Although the price was high, it looked very comfortable and I stayed.

The river and snow mountains behind the inn are the five tunnels and two bridges of the Sichuan-Tibet Ten Heroes Monument: Tongmai Bridge, Pulonggou Bridge, Feishiya Tunnel, Little Tiger Tunnel, Palong Tunnel 1, Palong Tunnel 2 Zhuoma Mingdong starts to enter Sejila Forest Park from here.

The dumplings made by the owner of Shaanxi Liangpan Oil Dumpling Biangbiang Noodles and Steamed Buns are about to arrive at the Lingyunke Hotel in Lulang Town tonight.

Opposite to the Lingyunke Hotel in Lulang Town Government 57 Alliance is my room under the middle of the plaque.

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