After you fall off your bike during riding, you should first do 6 things.

As long as you ride a bicycle, you will definitely encounter the accident of falling.

It’s not terrible to fall off the car.

Get up and fight again! However, today we are not going to talk about the inspirational chicken soup where you fall and stand up.

Here are some dry goods to teach you how to check your body and love your car after you fall.

Take it quickly.

When the tragedy happens, the first thing is to ensure that you are not seriously injured and you can get up from the ground smoothly.

Move your limbs to see if you are still alive and conscious.

If there is no third car passing by for the time being, move to a safe place on the roadside and carefully check where you fell.

Then check your body and bike in the following order: First, slow down.


Michael Ross has seen many people who fall off the car.

They usually claim that they are okay, but they often fall back when they try to stand up from the ground.

In this case, you’d better stand up slowly and move around.

You don’t need to step on the bus and have a Bunnyhop at the first time, just slowly and accurately evaluate the extent of injury to your body and car.

“Before cycling, can you make sure you can walk around?” Dr.

Mike said, “Can you turn your hand 360 degrees? Do you feel pain when you turn your neck in four directions?” Take some time to make an assessment, which determines whether you can continue to ride or stop to find help.

2、 Some basic first aid items: checking your body at the first time is the premise of all the following things.

For example, move your hands and feet to see if your limbs are still connected to your body.

Is there any bone that punctures your skin, causing massive bleeding there? If you find yourself seriously injured, don’t risk to continue to act alone.

Go to the nearest medical station for help.

(This also reminds you that it is cool to travel alone, but the price of small life is higher.

For the tragic case, you can refer to the recent loss of contact and death of a car friend alone.

For your own safety, you can be accompanied if you can.) Rose also said that if you can stand up smoothly after the physical examination, and can lift the car, it means that your body is not seriously injured.

If you can walk and step out of the woods, “it means that all your joints can move and bear weight,” Rose added.

3、 Check whether you have concussion after falling.

Check whether your helmet has obvious damage.

It is the simplest and effective way to directly judge whether your head is seriously injured.

Ross said: “If you can remember this law after you fall off the car, it means you haven’t fallen into a daze.” If you have a concussion, you will lose your sense of direction and feel confused.

If you don’t even know where you are now, it is proper to have fallen into a daze.

“If you ride for a long time, your brain will produce endorphins that make you feel happy, but that is not necessarily your real feeling.

You need to stop and carefully identify whether it is really okay,” Rose added.

4、 Check the wheel group.

If you have determined that there are no major scratches or bruises, then you can check your car.

On this point, Scott Kelly summarized some key steps through his long-term work experience in the Scott-3 RoxRacing team.

When someone comes to Kelly with a fallen car, Kelly will check the wheel set first.

Because when the car falls, the wheel set is the first and most directly impacted part, and it is also the easiest part to diagnose whether there is a problem.

No matter how you fall, Kelly suggests checking the tire pressure first to see if there is a flat tire, if the spokes are broken, and then if there is a problem with the brake.

These things can be confirmed several times.

5、 Check the brake and transmission of other parts and components is your second place to check.

Usually, if these parts change angle due to falling, they can be snapped back to their original position, but you should make sure that they are as tight as before, and don’t press them back again when riding excitedly.

Check the chain again, whether it falls between the tooth plate and the five-way joint, and whether it is broken? Finally, check whether the seat cushion is actually installed on the seat tube.

6、 At the end of the frame inspection, Kelly will check the frame to see if there are cracks or scratches.

This is especially important for carbon fiber frame, because a small crack may expand into a large crack when you continue to ride, but aluminum frame or steel frame is not as serious as carbon frame.

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