Lvyuan once again went to CCTV to advocate safe riding and safeguard the travel safety of Chinese people with high-quality development!

Recently, Lvyuan, the leading brand in the industry, has again received the attention of CCTV authorities.

In a CCTV “Life Tips” program, CCTV focused on the safety of electric vehicle helmets, and worked with Lvyuan liquid-cooled electric vehicles to interpret the selection, wearing and daily maintenance of electric vehicle helmets in detail, advocating safe riding.

As the top media platform in China, the authority of CCTV is beyond doubt.

On the issue of riding safety involving hundreds of millions of people in electric vehicles, CCTV has chosen Lvyuan as a model for guidance among a number of electric vehicle brands, which is undoubtedly a high recognition of Lvyuan’s courage to shoulder social responsibilities and industrial responsibilities, and has been focusing on people’s travel safety for many years.

Actively respond to the call of the state to take the lead in protecting the travel safety of Chinese people.

As the largest vehicle in the country, electric two-wheeled vehicles affect the daily travel of more than 350 million Chinese people.

Especially after the implementation of the new national standard for electric vehicles, the number of people who choose to ride electric bicycles is increasing.

In order to further improve the travel safety of Chinese people, the National Standards Committee has officially announced that the GB811-2022 Standard for Motorcycle and Electric Bicycle Passenger Helmets will be officially implemented on July 1 this year, which also represents that the electric two-wheel helmet will enter a new stage from “quantity” to “quality”.

At such a node, Lvyuan takes advantage of the authoritative platform of CCTV to advocate high-quality helmet wearing, which will undoubtedly give full play to its professionalism and the leading brand effect of the industry, guide users to identify high-quality and high-safety electric vehicle helmets, and advocate the concept of safe riding in a large number.

After the program is broadcast, it will receive a lot of user praise.

At the same time, Lvyuan also took the lead in launching offline actions in the first year of 2023, actively launched public welfare linkage with Hefei and other local traffic management departments to “wear helmets to ensure safety and promote civilization”, actively approached users to carry out the publicity and implementation of riding safety knowledge, and gave users high-quality electric car helmets that passed 3C certification for free.

It can be said that based on its own industrial responsibility and social responsibility, Lvyuan, as the leading brand in the industry, has become the backbone of promoting the “One Helmet Belt” security protection action and advocating compliance riding, which not only greatly improves the reputation of the industry, but also creates a benchmark of “government, enterprise and media” linkage cooperation, and comprehensively protects the travel safety of Chinese people.

Relevant data show that with the increase of helmet wearing rate of domestic electric vehicle users, the death rate of electric vehicle traffic accidents has decreased significantly in recent years, which also fully demonstrates the importance of wearing helmets for electric travel safety.

With promoting the high-quality development of the industry as its own responsibility, Lvyuan has become the focus of media attention in the era of low-carbon travel.

International Brother noted that in recent years, Lvyuan has not only increased in brand potential and sales volume, but also increasingly favored by authoritative media at home and abroad.

Not long ago, Xinhua News Agency, the top authoritative media in China, published a special article on the official WeChat, highly praised Lvyuan’s persistence in achieving self-height and quality growth and leading the benign development of the industry through independent research and development and scientific and technological intelligent manufacturing in the past 25 years.

At the same time, the influence of Lvyuan has also gone abroad, including many mainstream media in the United States such as the American News Agency, the Financial Times, Wall Street Online, and other European and multinational media such as Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands and Italy, which have listed Lvyuan as the focus of attention under the wave of global travel electrification, and tracked and reported its technological innovation and achievements.

According to the industry view, the reason why Lvyuan has received so much top attention is not only closely related to the overall rise of electric two-wheel travel mode, but also closely related to the high-quality development model of the industry led by Lvyuan.

In terms of product technology, Lvyuan has successfully broken the ceiling of industry quality by continuously deepening the liquid cooling technology route, and successfully made “10 years of riding a bicycle” a reality, forcing the entire industry to enter a new era of quality and performance with its own progress.

At the level of sustainable development, Lvyuan actively responded to the green China strategy, improved product quality and reduced raw material consumption through intelligent manufacturing, improved manufacturing technology and other means, and took the lead in finding a carbon reduction plan with the characteristics of the electric vehicle industry.

At the level of leading the implementation of the national standard, Lvyuan, as the drafting unit of the new national standard, is even ahead of the whole industry, constantly exploring new models of standardized development, and actively guiding the Chinese people to buy standardized models by replacing old ones with new ones.

It can be said that in many key aspects affecting the development of the industry, Lvyuan has reflected its proper attitude as the leading brand in the industry, not only achieving its own sustained and rapid development, but also actively guiding the high-quality development of the entire industry.

In conclusion, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.

As the domestic traditional electric two-wheeled vehicle industry moves to a higher stage of development, innovative development models, bold social responsibility, and industrial responsibility have become new topics facing the industry.

In front of this topic, the responsibility of Lvyuan has undoubtedly brought valuable thinking and example to the industry.