Cycling 1978 Creative Park 2022 (60)

Dec.212022 The 1978 Cultural and Creative Park of Zengcheng has been lined up frequently to travel in Zengcheng.

It also has the nature of exploring the way and constantly explores good places in Zengcheng.

Some scenic spots that are rarely heard make people suddenly enlightened, and some mature places that are not open are quite disappointing.

Today, we will continue to travel to Zengcheng and stand firm for the first time.

We will come to the 1978 Cultural and Creative Park, where many scenic spots are available for shooting.

HD link: cycling 1978 creative park 2022 (60) The White Church brings props.

There are many scenes here, which will take you back to the era of your father.

The park also maintains the architectural style of the old factory building.

Nobody has ever experienced the scene of harvesting crops when he was a child.

If more friends come, the photos will be more realistic.

The shops in the creative park transformed from old industrial plants are not open in the morning, and the main business here is evening business.

The movie city, which comes here at night to have a drink and flip a cup, is still a wonderful place for one person today.

Without a teammate, one can have a good time.

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HD link: cycling 1978 creative park 2022 (60) 。