Cycling Huainan | Huaihe Qiandao Lake

(Text | Liao Jie) The newly built Huaihe River levee is from Yaojiawan to Huainan Huaihe River Bridge.

The outside of the dam is the Baidi and Huaihe River New Town, and the inside of the dam is the “Qiandao Lake of Huaihe River”, which is nicknamed by people.

Tidal flats of different sizes were left by the construction of levees to borrow soil.

Because of the widening of the Huaihe River, the tidal flat became an island submerged in the river.

The beach is covered with reeds and cattails.

Suddenly I feel so familiar with the reed swing, right, the reed swing of the Zixia Fairy.

And that sad music.

The road surface of the Huaihe River embankment is being hardened, and a two-way two-lane cement road is being built, from Yaojiawan to Shitoubu, from Yingtaizi to Lizuizi, to Fengtai.

Ask the road repair worker to finish the project in April.

Later, from Tianjia’an to the west (Caijiagang, Xinzhuangzi, Bagongshan, Fengtai…), you can drive from the Huaihe River levee.

It will be much easier to be careful in the traffic flow in the city.

There is no need to talk about the road conditions.

Today, I cycled from Yaojiawan to Lizuzi.

There were colored flags on both sides of the river embankment.

Some places were paved with cement, and some places were paved with roadbed.

Especially in the section from Bijiagang to Lizuzi, there are potholes and slopes, and large excavators, shovels and bulldozers are all under construction.

They are very busy.

Bengbu is doing the super landscape “beautiful Huaihe River” project.

We should also make both sides of the Huaihe River beautiful and beautiful.

When this road is completed, the Huaihe River will become a beautiful landscape in Huainan, and will become a new place to punch cards..