The fourth day of the camp | riding in the rain, Frisbee competition, British afternoon tea, unlock a new summer experience!

。 “There are few hours in life more agreeablethanthehourdedicatedtotheceremonyknownasafernoontea.

the best time in life is afternoon tea.

The journey of the British summer camp is more than half.

After the shyness, first acquaintance and getting along of the previous two days, strangers we have gradually never known have become partners and trusted teammates of each other.

What will campers who are getting better experience today? Make a Screaming and laughing again and again? What kind of warm story happened again? ▼ “sports in the rain have a different taste”, you know? The original shape of the frisbee is actually a kind of food – pie tin plate.

In the 19th century, American Baker Frisbie opened a bakery.

After eating, everyone threw round tin plates for fun.

In 1948, American Walter Morrison made the first modern Frisbee from plastic materials.

Frisbee combines the characteristics of football, football, basketball and other sports.

The spirit of Frisbee depends on the encouragement and trust between teammates to win.

In the field of Frisbee, there are no referees, only teammates.

They win through repeated sets and communication.

This is also a great time for campers to exercise communication and leadership! This morning, there was a light rain in the camp.

Although the light rain came and went in a hurry, it was such a light rain that we also saw the growth and perseverance of the campers.

“I think we can do it.” “this light rain is really nothing.” “can we continue to ride?” This is the answer given to us by the campers.

Frisbee in the rain & riding in the rain ▼ “put on your little dress and have an authentic English afternoon tea bar” “when the clock struck four, everything in the world stopped for tea in an instant.” if you haven’t experienced English afternoon tea, you’ve never been to Britain.

As a British summer camp, how can you lack an authentic afternoon tea? In order to let campers experience and understand English afternoon tea and learn relevant etiquette, we brought pure English afternoon tea to our class to experience the authentic English style! British afternoon tea has always been famous for its elegance.

Both men and women need formal clothes to attend.

Men need to wear tuxedos, while women wear dresses and hats.

The “little dresses” collected in the campers’ suitcases are finally in use! The campers instantly turned into little gentlemen and ladies, wearing their favorite handsome and fairy dresses, walked through the rainbow gate and slowly entered, showing their elegant demeanor.

Under the guidance of teachers, I learned the etiquette of drinking tea.

From the history of afternoon tea, the way of pouring tea, the posture of serving tea, the use of spoons, etc., I learned western culture, developed good dining etiquette, learned how to be a cultured, aesthetic and polite little lady and gentleman, and felt the sweetness and joy shared with good friends.

▼ “find the magic stone” this is a competition about wisdom and a challenge about courage.

Analyze the situation, arrange troops and discuss countermeasures with teammates.

The choice of each step will determine the future direction of the team.

Of course, in this game, the most important “topic” is to face “lose” and “win” calmly.

▼ “eggs are coming” eggs are coming! In this summer camp, we are very happy to welcome the “shell breaking day” of the four campers.

With all the campers singing birthday songs, they may have made their own wishes and shared this joy with their friends.

Once a year, I grow up year by year.

May our lovely campers grow up healthily and happily.

▼ / / once the summer camp is launched, it has attracted much attention, and the opening is hot, but there is no need to worry about the little partners who have time to sign up.

The second 2022 British summer school camp will open on August 6.

There are a small number of seats available.

Reservation is urgent! Reservation phone: Kiki teacher: 13100007233..