Meteor bright moon I ride on the bingchacha and Sichuan Tibet lines_ D18 Sejila, Linzhi, I’m here again.

Author: today’s ride of meteor moon is just two journeys.

Climb up one way and put down the other.

The most typical Sichuan Tibet line is almost like this.

Climb up and put it down, and try the eight heaven roads into Tibet.

Only riding the Sichuan Tibet line is the most tiring, and most of the other heaven roads are hard and painful.

After leaving Lulang at more than 7 a.m., I continued to climb the slope yesterday.

Sejila Mountain was 24 kilometers from Lulang to the pass.

It took me more than 5 hours to ride.

I spent the whole morning climbing the mountain, raising the altitude by 1200 meters.

The “Guangdong family” I lived in yesterday is better than the CYTS I stayed in.

In particular, when I went to Linzhi today, I found a youth travel agency.

It was arranged on the third floor, with only two beds and a bathroom.

The room was too small to turn around, but the price was 160 yuan.

Depending on the conditions, I had to go to the third floor.

I simply left and found a suitable hotel.

It was really easy to find.

The price only needs to be increased by 20, and the conditions are much stronger.

It is a real standard room.

Although it’s on the 6th floor, it doesn’t hurt to add an elevator.

Climbing out of the door, and steep, Sejila Mountain gave Juntian a few kilometers first, like a powerful stick.

After surviving the first 13 kilometers, he slowly endured it, grew a little after it, increased his self-confidence, and increased his sense of joy.

Brother Zhuang is also riding with illness these days.

He is ill.

He has taken medicine for several times, sometimes good and sometimes bad, but he still insists.

He wants to persuade Lin Zhi to take a ride later.

In a word, it’s OK.

It’s only a few days, so he continues to ride.

Lulang’s rural scenery and the vulgar set of Qianping are all surrounded by railings.

This field is owned by me, and this garden is my circle.

If you want to see the scenery, stay and buy road wealth.

Lulang Linhai also needs to collect money.

The scenery of cyclists is on the road.

Although we have been protected for free, we still don’t want to enjoy it inside.

Riding Sejila for three times, due to meteorological conditions, the clouds were too thick, and there was no chance to encounter a pair of pheasants in the Namjagbarwa peak forest, or pheasants.

The highest position climbed by themselves was 5600 meters from the Gangrenboqi pass.

I didn’t expect to reach 7787 meters above sea level today.

I can only laugh: where there are badges, most of the data are untrue.


You must drive in this life.

Jun Tian wants to change: in this life, he must ride at Sejila pass and stay for half an hour.

When the rain comes, Jiayi goes down the mountain and the wind blows down the mountain.

He will put it in Linzhi town for more than an hour.

Passing by the world’s largest cypress, I went inside to enjoy the 3200 year old cypress with a girth of 14 or 8 meters.

As expected, it was the king of cypresses.

I may really have a relationship with Tibet.

The “Home Hotel” that I once stayed in twice was located a few years ago, but my home no longer exists.

Finally, I found this place.

It’s very good to ride 72 kilometers today, with a total of 1162 kilometers..