Cool and slim in summer, cycling pants with short blouses are chic, fashionable and foreign

When it comes to the cool and comfortable collocation in summer, maybe many young girls will choose the skirt collocation, which is elegant and beautiful.

There is also shorts or hot pants, which can wear the beauty of long legs, which is simple, beautiful and cool, but for those fashionable and personalized girls, These matching styles are worn by everyone, so they don’t have a prominent sense.

You need to know that every girl likes her own beauty, which is unique, and there will be no shirt bumping, so how to wear a different beauty.

Today, Xiaobian will introduce a cycling pants, which is popular for cyclists to wear.

The style is very simple and slim, and can wear out the curve of the body.

Its material is derived from bodybuilding pants.

It is light and breathable and comfortable.

The length of the pants is slightly longer than that of shorts, but shorter than that of cropped pants, which is just in the middle of the thighs, so it can be half wrapped around the thighs, and has the beauty of thin and elongated leg lines, In summer, casual wear is fashionable and foreign, which is very popular with young girls.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Riding pants are usually black in color, because black itself is an impermeable color, which is safe and elegant to wear.

For casual wear, black itself can play a thin effect, beautiful and generous, Of course, in addition to black, there are also dark green, with aging beauty, maturity and charm, as well as precious blue, which is refreshing and beautiful and shows the figure.

For light colors, there are usually few.

After all, the lower body collocation is mainly mature and stable.

In terms of the collocation of tops, riding pants are simple and slim, so the choice of tops is simple and refreshing.

For girls who usually wear bodybuilding pants or yoga pants, choosing a short top can not only wear the beauty of a small waist, but also improve the waist line, showing a tall proportion, making you beautiful, cool, comfortable and temperament, so the choice of tops is simple, It is mainly cool and shows the figure.

Riding pants themselves are a style that shows the figure.

For girls who are not very tall, they can choose high waist riding pants, which can hide the flesh and show the thin effect on the waist or abdomen.

They can be matched with a short jacket to create a tall figure.

Just like this fashionable little sister, the jacket chooses a light blue short sleeved shirt, which is matched with black riding pants, which is simple, refreshing and graceful, and matched with a pair of gray sneakers, Walking on the streets releases young vitality and youthful beauty..