Skills to relieve muscle pain after riding

During and after exercise, the lactic acid produced by muscle metabolism stimulates the sensory nerves in the muscle.

If fatigue continues to accumulate, it will cause acute muscle pain, which is very normal and common.

However, if the muscle is too stiff, it may have caused muscle laceration, you should rest and reduce the exercise intensity.

If you are injured repeatedly, it may also cause muscle fibrosis, but it will damage your endurance.

How to relieve muscle pain after riding? Xiaobian, come and help! Move 1: have enough rest.

After exercise, give the body enough sleep and rest, so that the body has more time for natural recovery, which can relieve muscle pain.

If you don’t sleep enough after exercise, I believe the pain will be more obvious.

Many athletes also emphasize that at least one day a week is a complete rest, so that the body can recover and strengthen.

Move 2: moderate exercise.

Mild exercise can promote blood circulation and relieve the original pain.

After a while, you will feel less pain.

And continuous exercise can keep the muscle strength from degenerating, which is not easy to happen again next time.

The third move: Pat massage.

Either hand massage or the popular massage roller can relax the stiff muscles and promote blood circulation.

It is the most direct and effective way to alleviate muscle pain.

Trick 4: ice compress and hot compress.

As for cold compress or hot compress after exercise? If the body has inflammation, injury and pain, be sure to soak in cold water, but if it is only pain, cold compress or hot compress are both effective, or cold and heat can alternate.

Trick 5: supplement nutrition.

Part of muscle pain comes from the rupture of muscle fibers, so protein must be supplemented to improve muscle repair.

Before exercise, you can eat protein containing foods such as eggs, soybean milk, milk and bread.

Although meat is also high in protein, it has high oil content and long digestion time, and the time for the body to absorb and convert protein will also be longer, so it is not recommended.


Eggs are rich in high-quality protein and cheap.

It is worth mentioning that an egg contains about 6 grams of protein.

At the same time, eggs are rich in important amino acids, branched chain amino acids and glutamate, which will make eggs your first choice for muscle recovery after training.


What are the seafood with canned tuna ready to eat, high protein and low price? Canned tuna is preferred.

140 grams of canned tuna contains about 30 grams of protein.


Whey protein powder may be the most cost-effective way to increase the protein in the diet.

They provide ideal amino acid composition for muscle construction, strength training and recovery after heavy weight.

Whey protein can be quickly digested and absorbed, and quickly provide materials for muscle growth after training.

However, whey protein contains lactose because it is isolated from milk.

If you are lactose intolerant, your body will not be able to completely metabolize lactose, which will cause allergic symptoms and even diarrhea.

Trick 6: acid drainage training.

Acid excretion training is the training to eliminate excess lactic acid in muscle.

Training conditions: the training needs to be carried out 24 to 48 hours after exercise.

At this time, if the muscle is still sore, acid drainage training shall be carried out on the basis of excluding muscle strain and soft tissue injury.

Principle of acid elimination training: use slow muscle whole process exercise to increase the blood circulation at the pain, especially the blood circulation at the deep part of the muscle at the pain, remove the lactic acid accumulated in the leg muscles, and finally achieve the purpose of relieving pain and increasing the recovery speed.

Tip: Although hot compress can also increase blood circulation, hot compress can only increase blood circulation in the superficial layer of muscle skin and muscle, and has little effect on the deep part of muscle.

The whole course of muscle slow exercise acid excretion training can stimulate the deep part of the muscle, and the effect is better.

The trainer holds the fixture with one hand to keep the body balance, then one leg is used as the supporting leg, the knee joint of the other leg bends upward, and the other hand grabs the front side of the ankle and pulls it upward; The trainer can feel an obvious stretch in the front of the thigh, and try to make the heel of the flexion leg touch the hip for 30 seconds to 1 minute; Another two legs to stretch.

After stretching, the trainer paced on the ground for 60 to 90 seconds, and then completed the next squat + quadriceps extension.

Times of training group: 48 hours after the occurrence of pain, twice a day, 2 to 4 groups each time, until the pain disappears completely<.