Cycling diary, day 127 of chasing dreams~

1、 I said last month that I would challenge riding 100 kilometers for 20 consecutive days and complete 2000 kilometers in a month.

But I’m worried that the car can’t be built, so I hesitate to challenge it.

I really want to try.

The audience in the comment area said, don’t worry, the quality of giante doesn’t have to be said.

I rode 420 kilometers around Suzhou in three days and didn’t even get angry on the way.

Some people say that it’s almost 2000 kilometers to ride the Sichuan Tibet line.

The Sichuan Tibet line is a lot worse than you.

Speaking of the Sichuan Tibet line, another spectator said: “the car is OK.

The Sichuan Tibet I rode on atx680 is not bad because there are many slopes, the gears are ground flat and the chain jumps.” After hearing what they said, I suddenly had more confidence in my xtc800 mountain bike.

So I’m going to challenge 100 kilometers tomorrow.

I haven’t ridden such a distance of 100 kilometers for a month or two, but I have confidence in my ability.

I just ride slowly, because if I pursue speed, I’m afraid my legs will be too sore the next day.

Slow down.

Two or three hundred kilometers is no problem at all.

We just need supplies on the way.

Second, save money to buy Golf goal: Earn 100W from scratch, and then buy a favorite car for yourself.

The time is set to be achieved within two to three years.

(the content is still in revision) on the 127th day, I saved 00 yuan today (everything has just begun ~) III.

challenge riding for 1000 days (20 kilometers a day in the first stage) in order to keep fit and maintain a good physical state, because there is an old saying: the body is the capital of revolution.

This is a protracted battle, so we must keep our body healthy and energetic in order to continue the battle.

4、 Plus wechat that private wechat wants to know: afan202068 believes in dreams and the power of faith.

Believe that everything is possible ~..