Have you done all the preparations before riding?

For a bicycle enthusiast, the biggest worry on the road is that his car is out of order, delaying the trip and wasting a lot of time.

Many novice riders don’t know how to prepare before riding, or they don’t prepare enough.

So, in order to have a better riding experience, what preparations should we make before riding? The following Xiaobian brings you some suggestions before riding.


Keep clean and tidy mother there is no doubt that a clean and tidy bike will be faster and easier to ride.

This is not only because riding a clean and tidy car can make you feel happy, but more importantly, there will not be too much dirt and stains on the chain and running line, which will make you ride more smoothly and save unnecessary expenses on replacing parts during long-distance riding.


Set the appropriate handlebar height.

It is also extremely important to set a comfortable and more aerodynamic handlebar height.

Adjusting to a comfortable angle will have a great impact on the comfort during riding.

At the same time, it can set the most suitable pneumatic posture according to the flexibility of its own bones.


Seat cushion height adjustment the height adjustment of seat cushion is also very important.

The seat cushion height is not adjusted to a reasonable position, which not only makes riding uncomfortable, but also makes it easier to get injured, but also greatly reduces the efficiency of riding and trampling, so it is impossible to output the best transmission efficiency when riding.


The oiled chain on the chain will help you improve the efficiency of riding and ride more smoothly.

At the same time, it will make your transmission system work more efficiently, and the lubricated chain can maintain a certain lubricity in wet weather.

However, lubricating the chain does not mean that the more chain oil, the better.

During lubrication, just apply the chain oil to the axis of the chain, turn the crank to allow the chain oil to fully penetrate into the axis of the chain, and then wipe off the excess chain oil on the surface.


Check the tire pressure.

Checking whether the tire pressure value is correct is not only the simplest, but also the most helpful way for you to ride efficiently.

If the tire shortage will lead to too much resistance, you need to use more power to tread to ensure your speed, and there is also the risk of breaking the tire.

Therefore, before riding, set the tire pressure to the specified range of the tire to ensure that the tire has a certain adhesion.

It is also convenient to increase the handling when turning, and increase a certain comfort to alleviate the fatigue during long-distance riding.


Check and adjust the speed change.

Accurate speed change can effectively increase the working efficiency of the transmission system, and can shift faster in response to the changes of road conditions, so as to adjust to a reasonable gear ratio to ensure the driving speed.


Check the brake.

It is very important to check the brake during riding, which determines the safety during riding.

At the same time, sufficient braking performance can make you more confident when going downhill or turning.

Therefore, before riding, you must check the brake system, check the brake inner line or brake oil, observe the wear degree of the brake pad, and replace it in time if necessary.

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