Shanghai cycling | treasure cycling route recommendation, cycling around Changxing Island

Where to go on weekends, you can’t go out of Shanghai.

It’s definitely a pleasure to have three or five friends and ride on the beautiful island.

Shanghai Changxing Island cycling route: Changxing Island orange garden – Boulevard – paddy Windmill – Hengsha fishing port – Qingcaosha Reservoir – the first beach of the Yangtze River – Changxing Island Country Park – orange garden; The loop line is 15km, and you can ride around the island to enjoy the scenery of the island.

The sun shines through the leaves on the mottled road.

Riding a bike through the tree lined path, you can enjoy the lush rice fields in the distance and the windmills rotating with the wind.

On the first beach of the Yangtze River, you can see the endless sea and the ships passing by.

Since you are here, you must watch the sunset at the seaside.

The sunset throws gold into the sea, and romance spreads among the seagulls.

After riding back to the island orange garden farm, you can also come to a seaside barbecue, fresh and rich seafood ingredients, savor them carefully, keep your lips and teeth fragrant, blow the sea breeze while barbecue, look at the starry sky, and immerse yourself in your own world.

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