Jiangning 5 classic cycling routes waiting for you

In midsummer, it’s a good time to ride.

A bike and a backpack ride between the mountains and waters of Jiangning.

There are blue skies and white clouds on both sides of the spacious road, flowers on both sides, river banks, open hearts, fields and villages, and picturesque scenery.

Riding route 1: Andemen Street – Tiexinqiao Avenue – ningdan road – Niushou Shandong entrance.

This is a green journey to Niushou mountain.

The road is lush on both sides, full of the breath of early summer, Step on the pedal gently and slow down.

With the breeze blowing and the fragrance of flowers floating, every drop of water here can produce a poem, and every scenery can be sketched into a painting.

From lively to quiet, from impetuous to calm, riding a car, feeling the changes in the surrounding environment, people’s heart also slowly calmed down.

Riding route 2: ningdan highway – gingko Lake Avenue – Huanglongxian Huanglongxian has beautiful scenery and strong interest.

In addition to the continuous mountains, there are quiet pools here, which have always been favored by cycling enthusiasts.

The figure of bicycles, and the natural beauty of the landscape.

You can’t feel the beauty of Huang Longxian without walking here again.

Along the way, you can enjoy the Huanglongxian tea culture tourism village hidden in the depths of Yunshan mountain.

All the way west, it was a feast for the eyes.

Riding route 3: Jiangning University Town – longmian Avenue – Yangliu village.

Willow lake takes the “99 and a half” ancient residential group as the core, containing three themes: moonlight in the lotus pond, ancient charm of willows, and returning to the garden.

The area is dotted with ponds, lush trees and beautiful scenery.

There is also a special mountain bike site, with a total distance of about 6-10 kilometers.

It is the first artificial cross-country track in Nanjing, which can be said to be the best choice for cycling.

Riding route 4: Jiangning is the most beautiful 17 kilometers.

If you like the poetic pastoral charm, you must ride through the “most beautiful 17 kilometers” of Jiangning.

Here, there are many rural beauties such as Datang gold, Guanyin hall, Huang Longxian, etc.

“the most beautiful 17 kilometers” is the intoxicating connection connecting this string of beads.

Take advantage of the sunshine, make an appointment with three or five friends, and go for a ride in “the most beautiful 17 kilometers”! Riding route 5: Shecun Longshang section of Bantang line in Jiangning District and Shecun Longshang section of Bantang line in Jiangning District at Caihong road in Shecun are called “Xiaochuan Tibet line”, with a total length of about 8.5 kilometers.

The 2.8-kilometer Panshan road has 38 continuous curves with a slope of nearly 30 degrees.

On this route, you can not only feel the beauty of Sichuan Tibet line, but also feel the beauty of Jiangning rural scenery.

In addition, there is a “Rainbow Road” hidden in the poplar forest in she village.

It is particularly surprising to meet the colorful road in this poetic poplar forest.

Looking at the rainbow road winding into the distance, no matter how you feel when you come, you can’t help but become gorgeous.

Don’t stay at home, don’t travel, take advantage of the scenery, the breeze is quiet, and let the beautiful scenery unfold under the wheels to have a gorgeous ride! Photo source: Zhang Ming, Blizzard, Jiangning District Transportation Bureau, taste Dongshan..