Send 40 riding products anti epidemic themed riding clothes for CO creation activities

-Killcovid-19-anti epidemic themed cycling clothes co creation activity all the energy accumulated in silence will usher in brilliant bloom.

This is a war without smoke of gunpowder.

No one is an outsider.

Jetcool is willing to work with all the knights to silently protect a pure land activity in its own way.

Excellent designers send cycling clothes.


Design cycling clothes or other products in jetcool DIY applet.


Submit the design drawings to the designated channel of the activity.


Jieku selects excellent design works every day and sends the same cycling equipment to the originator.

Welcome to the material matching in the “anti epidemic” column.

Categories available: cycling clothes tops, cycling pants, cycling T-shirts, cycling shirts, DIY cycling accessories.

Design and make jieku app mall, click the picture to enter the jieku DIY customization page, and select the product link you want to customize.

Draw up the page, find the “I understand” button, click to enter the [jieku customization] applet, and click “start design”.

Customize the focus of the trilogy!!! 1.

Choose the style, determine the main color and tone.


Choose personalization to increase interest.


Choose a size.

If you can’t confirm it, it is recommended to contact customer service.


Complete the design and generate shared pictures.

Choose “detail customization”, you can design some details of the clothing, such as changing the sleeve color, or adding color sleeve edges.

If you have the ability of independent design, you are welcome to upload the original materials in PNG format for creation.

If an excellent design is selected by the jetcool design team, if the originator intends to cooperate, he can share profits with jetcool.

Way of contribution: Weibo & wechat 1.

Weibo: publish DIY works, share pictures, and @ jieku jakroo, which is regarded as a valid contribution.