Long track comprehensive electromechanical four workshop division meeting “Songya Lake cycling race” activity

In order to enhance the physical fitness of employees, promote physical and mental health, activate the group atmosphere, and hold the division meeting of the four workshops of long track comprehensive electromechanical equipment.

The theme is to strengthen the body, relax the heart, be healthy, happy, work and live a better life.

Happy riding can not only give the soul a sense of freedom, but also strengthen the physical quality.

The activity began with the car slowly moving forward, looking up to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the lake, the evening wind blowing face-to-face, and the cool wind washed away the summer heat.

Riding not only relaxed our body and mind, but also relieved all kinds of pressures in daily life, let us relieve mental fatigue, forget all kinds of difficulties in front of us, and let us learn to find subtle beautiful things in life.

The team members in the Niceday competition were sweating profusely, and the satisfaction brought by adhering to and completing the goal was overflowing from their faces.

Although there was fatigue and the idea of giving up occasionally in the process, the teammates reached the end in turn under mutual encouragement, and then everyone gained a full sense of confidence and achievement.

In the process of cycling, we understand the profound meaning of healthy life and happy work! At the same time, it makes this warm family more cordial.

Warm team sunset sunset sunset red, happy time always passed quickly, the sunset glow filled the whole sky, we gathered by the lake in twos and threes, watching the sunset redden the lake, enjoying the rare quiet beauty.

Let people soothe their body and mind, relax their spirit, and quietly integrate into this beautiful scenery.

After that, everyone felt the passion and vitality brought by the riding process, and further improved the cohesion and cooperation of the team in the electromechanical workshop 4.

In the future work, this collective will be more tacit cooperation, and make great strides towards the direction of unity and mutual achievement.

Through this activity, we understand the meaning of happy work and healthy life.

Let the team inject a steady stream of vitality, and provide a strong guarantee of high quality for the healthy operation of electromechanical equipment in the jurisdiction!.