Riding route 379: Jinjiling

Jinjiling is located in Pingshi Town, the north gate of Guangdong – the first town in Lingnan.

It is 103 kilometers away from Shaoguan City and is under the jurisdiction of Lechang City.

It is named because there is a huge stone on the northwest peak of the mountain, which looks like a rooster, looks up to the north and wants to cry.

It is one of the eight scenic spots in Guangdong Province.

Climbing up the Jinjiling gate at the central street of Pingshi Town, you can see the zigzag peak of Danya cliff.

The zigzag peak is more than 350 meters long and 3-6 meters wide.

It looks like a huge barrier.

It is looking at the wall, looking at Chengfeng and overlooking Jackie Chan…