Do you want to ride fast! Take a look at the following cases!

Data source: the accident confirmation post forwarded by various cycling websites.

If there are omissions, please correct them.

You can play, don’t play with your life, know how to fear, and don’t let your blood flow in vain! Before departure, the most important thing is to make good preparations for equipment and body.

The ideological safety awareness should be in place.

Some fatal accidents in Tibet, I hope to attract everyone’s attention! It’s too fast to go down the cliff in May 2009, brother.

Description of the car rider “7kai”: “in three days, I saw three car accidents (car damage and death) 。 A cyclist fell down and his partner cried on the side.

My brother from Chongqing rushed out of the tunnel to Batang after passing me.

It was a sharp turn and went straight down.

I called the police.

We were the only two cars on the road.

The police asked where the accident happened, so there was nothing.

There’s nothing I can do.

The cliff is too high! ” At about 16:00 on August 4, 2009, at the 4083 milestone of Sichuan Tibet line (3km from 102K collapse area), a 19-year-old brother from Guiyang, the speed was too fast.

The car hit the bridge railing and fell into the PALONG Zangbu river.

The body was not found (the speed is too fast.

Slow! Slow!!! Slow!!!) The short message from the driver “Landy” said: “the trip to Lhasa ended in regret and helplessness, persistence and giving up, happiness and pain, beauty and danger.

I just want to tell all riders entering Tibet that the Sichuan Tibet line is not only extremely difficult, but also extremely dangerous! Safety first is often replaced by paralysis after fatigue, and the crux of more problems is one word: fast!” At 7:30 on August 5, 2009, about 5km from the inverted river of the Qinghai Tibet line to Qinghai, a serious car accident killed three people on the spot.

Helmet! Helmet!! Helmet!!! At about 8:00 p.m.

on May 7, 2010, Dudu, a female motorist, encountered a landslide on the Yunnan Tibet line and left Deqin, Yunnan.

Due to the complex road conditions, the front wheel burst, resulting in a car crash, the right abdomen was hit by a hard object, abdominal bleeding and shock death! On the morning of August 1, 2010, Jiang Haiyang, a 19-year-old boy from Neijiang, disappeared while riding in Tongmai Town, Bomi county.

After three days of searching, he found half of his clothes.

The accident happened at 4080km + 800m of Sichuan Tibet section of national highway 318.

The speed was too fast.

The car hit the bridge railing and fell into the PALONG Zangbo River.

The remains were not found (the speed is too fast.

Slow! Slow!!! Slow!!!) On the morning of October 14, 2011, on the oil field road to Korla City, Xinjiang, 2km away from Lunnan, they were hit by a car traveling in the same direction and dragged for more than 20 meters.

The two people died on the spot and the car driver escaped.

On April 27, 2012, a cyclist was hit by a mudslide and died after being rescued.

The video uploaded by the online o0 cyclist OO spread widely (it has been confirmed that the man killed is not a fellow driver, but it is not deleted.

There are no people.

It has nothing to do with whether to ride or not.

Pay attention to safety!) On or about June 10, 2012, a rider of KANGXIWA Daoban on the new Tibet line was killed.

He was about 40 years old and rode alone.

The cause of death was unknown.

According to the local driver, it was caused by riding in a bad climate.

The details are unknown.

On July 25, 2012, Chengdu armed police repaired section 318 of the landslide.

Five riders, two of whom were killed in a landslide, one chose to climb the mountain and fell off the cliff to death, and the other two were missing.

On the evening of July 27, 2012, on the section from Batang to Mangkang, a van and a single driver were washed into the Jinsha River by the debris flow, and a 15-year-old driver was injured by the stones washed down by the debris flow.

At about 5:00 p.m.

on March 24, 2013, a cyclist rode at the first round corner of G318 down the mountain.

Because a car on the same side of the mountain passed behind the victims, his bike skidded and rushed under the heavy-duty truck on the opposite uphill.

He died on the spot.

On April 19, 2013, 50 kilometers from Bomi, a cyclist collided with a truck at a downhill bend and was sent to the hospital for rescue.