Riding for 74 years, measuring more than half the earth. My 90 year old grandmother is still Biao Harley. What do you mean to say that she

Blue dot pays attention to our stylish motorcycle jacket and handsome tight jeans.

Although she is only 1.5 meters tall, she rides a super heavyweight Harley with a displacement of 1000cc – the successor of the 2004 classic.

Even with silver hair, she can’t stop her from becoming the coolest punk representative in the United States.

Gloria tramontin struck, 90, is affectionately known as grandma Harley.

She has been exposed to motorcycles since she was 16, and then she got out of control! At the age of 25, he made his first long-distance driving.

At that time, his wish was to drive a motorcycle across Europe.

But there were few women riding motorcycles at that time.

“People don’t look at you so friendly.

People refuse to cheer me on and don’t want to give me a place to live.” But it didn’t stop her.

She just stepped on the accelerator harder! Strack, 25, and her 1950 Harley Davidson Motorcycle later married and had children, but she didn’t give up the motorcycle because of her husband and son.

“I didn’t ride a motorcycle much when I was taking care of my children.

When they grew up, I started on the road again.” At the age of 74, she rode more than 10000 kilometers across Europe, successfully challenged the Z-shaped section of the world’s most dangerous highway, known as the “Alpine death road”, and successfully fulfilled her wish at the age of 25.

As long as you don’t give up, your dream will come true.

At the age of 77, Strack, 74, took a group photo with herself, 25.

She ran another 12000 kilometers one way, which was beyond the reach of young people.

At the age of 89, she also rode Harley to Florida to participate in local cross-country cycling activities.

At the age of 90, she rode more than 2800 kilometers from her hometown Clifton, New Jersey, to the 75th Sturgis motorcycle rally.

This is her 12th time to participate in this event.

Under the influence of Harley’s grandmother, both her daughter and granddaughter fell in love with the locomotive.

There are three generations of Harley locomotive fans at home.

Strack, his granddaughter Kathy (left) and his daughter Lori (right) Harley’s grandmother have been driving motorcycles for 74 years.

They have owned 14 motorcycles, including 11 Harley.

The total mileage of cycling exceeded one million mark, reached 1046000 kilometers, and traveled more than half the earth.

Her motorcycle skills are also quite good! Grandma Halley, who is burning her fetus crazily below, stunned the young people! Grandma Harley is still moving forward and challenging, “I’m very active and love new challenges.

I always tell people to live in their dreams.” She hopes to ride until she is 100.

“I want to write a book, but I’m too busy.

Where can I find time? Wait until I’m 100.” (video) ▼ her wheels are still moving forward and her life is still on the road.

This is forever young and always full of tears! Some people are never old, while others are never young.

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