“Cycling” — the community culture of the new generation

The change of age and the rapid development of science and technology have made a qualitative leap in human life, but at the same time, it also brings us into an era of all kinds of information red tape and disorder.

The redundant information flow that is manufactured and transmitted all the time is the characteristic of this era.

Information overload is the normal of this era.

However, the expansion of transition and fast-food learning, Living in such a hasty environment has become an impetuous figure of life.

When you think about it carefully, it is not difficult to find that complexity can not defeat simplicity after all, and impetuosity will eventually return to tranquility.

How to enjoy life more in a restless environment is the thing that deserves our most attention.

Before planning this topic, I also exchanged my views on lifestyle with my close friends for many times, and the conclusions were unexpectedly the same.

Compared with the pursuit of the quality of lifestyle, being able to achieve a healthy lifestyle is what they pay most attention to.

After the recommendation of different friends, “re and meaning” appeared in front of me.

Although it is located in the prosperous business circle, it is easy to remember its existence with incompatible decoration.

Up to now, it is still difficult for me to have a clear definition of “re and meaning”.

As its founder, Mr.

Kan genshi Lang told us the story of him and “re and meaning”.

“Hello, I’m Kan Gen Shiro.

I’ve lived in Beijing since 2001.

At first, I worked in the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University and set up my own architectural design office in 2008.

Now, as long as time permits, I participate in weekend activities.” As an architect, Mr.

Kan Gen Shiro is one of the outstanding Japanese architects in China.

Perhaps it is because of his identity as an architect that he wants to improve his life through design.

“The architect’s purpose is not design,” Kan said.

“Improving life through design” is the designer’s hope and the purpose of design.

I have lived in Beijing for 20 years, and I think my life will get better.

Therefore, I want to open a shop called re with the theme of bicycle life.

“Break and redo” It’s not a designer’s job.

I think editing existing things and conveying information is also a kind of design.

” On the other hand, if you have read the introduction of Mr.

Kan Gen Shiro, you will find that he has expressed the importance of the relationship between human living environment and environment in many different interviews, which will also reveal the origin between him and bicycle.

“About 10 years ago, when I drove to work every morning, the road was very congested.

Then, I worked overtime every night, and my work and rest were very irregular.

At that time, I suddenly thought, why not ride a bike? Even if there was a traffic jam, it would be good for my health.

With this in mind, I immediately went to the bike shop and bought a mountain bike without telling my wife.

After I started riding, I recovered Healthy body.

Moreover, I learned that there are many beautiful scenery in the suburbs of Beijing, and the boring weekend has become an exciting weekend.

I don’t know the best way to balance the relationship between human living environment and natural environment, but I think cycling plays an important role in connecting the living environment with the natural environment.

You can feel what you can’t see in the subway or car.

What I am talking about is not only the vast mountains all over the suburbs of Beijing, but also the flowers in the urban streets and the scenery representing spring.

I realized its existence, left a deep impression, and began to think about the relationship with nature.

” For the moment of strongly advocating environmentalism, cycling is definitely a green and healthy way of travel.

While providing healthy physique for the public, it can also make you slow down the pace of life.

The scenery along the way will also sweep away the anxiety in your heart, better close to the daily living environment and find your original self.

After adhering to cycling, Mr.

Kan Gen Shiro has more opportunities to contact nature.

For him, this is the greatest enjoyment.

“Riding a bicycle in nature is an indescribable touch, but I think it’s not just because of the contact with nature, but also because of” running “with my own feet.

I’m tired, especially tired, but I still have to ride and” run “forward 。 At this time, there will be a sense of integration with nature.

Such reset is very important for work and life.

By the way, when riding a bike, I didn’t have any inspiration or ideas.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t ride my bike so gracefully because I want to “run” desperately.

” If you have just come into contact with the sport of cycling, you might as well follow Mr.

Kan’s advice and ride more in the suburbs of Beijing.

The scenery there must be quite good.

Creation is the beginning of everything.

Every thing created condenses the painstaking efforts of the creators.

They pass on their ideas to the outside world through their works one by one.

So does Mr.

Kan Gen Shiro.

The establishment of “re and meaning” is his understanding and understanding of life and a persistence of his own interest.

“First of all, I want to build a space where there will be people I know and things I like.

I can read books slowly.

That’s such a space.

The Internet will not create a closed society limited to families, but a future oriented society with a collection of offices and social places.

Moreover, bicycles are an indispensable part of a sustainable society Or missing part.

It is not only a convenient tool, but also an important partner in creating a rich life..