Cycling College | the class starts in August! 8.2–8.7 course arrangement

Dream car has already been selected.

I’m afraid it’s too heavy and too high to fall easily..

Watching others ride smart and handsome, but they are nervous and scared when they go on the road..

After riding for many years, “turn right and turn” is still shaking..

After a motorcycle ride for half a day, I feel tired with backache and hand pain..

If you want to play the track, worry that you are not the material..

I’m afraid I can’t learn and I’m afraid I can’t ride well.

Come to the cycling College of the motorcycle commune! Systematically learn professional driving skills, solve pain points, and ride calmly and safely! Course schedule date 8.2-8.5 Tuesday to Friday 8.6-8.7 Saturday and Sunday courses offer small classes, VIP private education large classes notes: night classes can be selected: 19:00–22:009:00-17:45 places are limited, speed registration hot summer, improve the classification of driving skills courses: basic courses suitable for people: have e-photos or above, can ride normally and simply, and have driving experience within one year or 2000 kilometers.

Learning contents: basic principles of motorcycles, equipment selection Body balance, start, stop and turn around, basic sitting posture, oil separation coordination and upshift and downshift, line of sight, steering and curve route, low-speed riding, etc.

learning time: 2-day course +1-day coach guidance teaching effect: systematically and completely master the basic principles and operations of motorcycle safe riding, and can be classified into urban riding and short-distance riding courses: advanced courses are suitable for people: graduates of basic classes who meet the standards, Learning contents for riders with riding experience of one year or more than 2000 kilometers: acceleration and deceleration, autonomous steering, reverse steering, ramp start and stop and go to the street edge, highway safety knowledge, first aid knowledge, body dynamic balance and standing posture riding, curve riding posture, emergency braking avoidance, etc.

learning time: 2-day course + 1-day coach guidance teaching effect: master the advanced operation of highway riding, master the relevant knowledge and basic first-aid skills of motorcycle riding, and can be used for medium and long-distance motorcycle riding, Bendable mountain running classes / price classification: on weekends, large classes (6-8 people) usually come, small classes (2-4 people) and VIP private classes.

Special people are assigned one-on-one, customized services, and learning on arrival! Training classes, intensive exercises, cost-effective summer limit: small classes / private education can also choose night classes.

Time: August – September 19:00-22:00 come to the motorcycle commune riding college system to master riding skills and enjoy riding life calmly! About our motorcycle commune cycling college, founded in 2017, is a professional road safety driving training institution under the motorcycle commune platform, headquartered in Shanghai.

It has more than 10000 professional closed asphalt training venues, small tracks and other professional venues, more than 10 professional teaching and training vehicles, and many professional coaches.

Since its establishment for more than five years, it has successfully held nearly 100 training sessions and trained nearly 1000 students from all over the country.

The cycling college also maintains good cooperative relations with major domestic host manufacturers, and is the official training service organization of Guangyang, Wuji, benali and other brands.

Location: Qingpu training base motorcycle commune cycling college is located at No.

3177, Huqingping highway, the only way for moyou to get in and out of Shanghai, adjacent to Qingpu outlets.

It is 15 kilometers away from Hongqiao hub and only 3 kilometers away from the exit of G50 Zhaoxiang.

It is very convenient to drive planes, high-speed trains, cars and motorcycles.

Location of motorcycle commune riding College: 1 warehouse motorcycle commune riding college, No.

3177, Huqingping Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai location: 1 warehouse, No.

3177, Huqingping Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai Click on the picture to instantly navigate the environment: the college has a first-class motorcycle training software and hardware environment, a motorcycle training ground of more than 2000 square meters, and an indoor classroom and rest area of nearly 300 square meters.

Exclusive training vehicles (Suzuki gw250 and BMW R1200GS), exclusive full set of equipment (helmets, gloves, cycling suit / protective gear, cycling shoes), and sufficient learning and training as well as one-on-one guidance and teaching time.

Service: we provide training meals, drinks, fruits and afternoon tea to enjoy the training happily.

It is inconvenient for students to return.

We provide affordable and beautiful B & B rooms and pick-up services at Hongqiao Station, and you can also enjoy free night training.

Cycling does not rely on brute force, let alone the so-called “riding more on the road”.

It is very important to establish correct driving habits, which is the core and foundation of scientific, safe and happy riding.

It is suggested that every driver who has not participated in professional safe driving training should come to learn.

The course seems simple.

In fact, the “old driver” who has been riding for 20 years may not pass the examination.

Riding is a science.

If you master the scientific method, you can also enjoy the happiness brought by motorcycles like old drivers! Notes: 1.

Suzuki gw250 is the course training vehicle provided by the college, and you can also bring your own training vehicle.


Unless otherwise specified, the price includes the use of vehicles and equipment, lunch, drinking water and insurance.

Training address: Qingpu training base of cycling College of motorcycle commune cycling College of motorcycle commune is safe and makes cycling happier! Sign up now! Scan and immediately sign up.

Consult the customer service assistant for details..