Look back two years ago – I rode to Qinghai

At this time two years ago, I thought I was smart enough to quit my job, embark on a personal trip of more than ten days, and temporarily decided to go cycling around the lake.

Now, having learned to take off my shoes with the reality, I can’t imagine how I can run out so recklessly? Then I turned to some of the inner world I recorded at that time.

Familiar words, another me.

A person always has an old soul that dies and grows another one.

The original intention of my four-day ride in Qinghai is to make a proud thing for those who ignore me.

At the beginning of the decision, he was still hesitating.

At nine o’clock in the evening, he waited for the master to pick him up at the railway station.

He left at 11 o’clock in the night and arrived at daxihai town at one o’clock in the morning.

The rain crackled on the window.

The window was dark.

The sky was dark and thick with clouds.

The mountain road was wet and narrow.

Passing through one tunnel after another, the white glittering stimulated the human eye.

I feel guilty and nervous.

I am afraid that I will fall down this cliff and disappear in a cold, wet and silent night.

After arriving at the store, it was difficult to lie down and sleep peacefully.

I woke up after threeorfour hours.

I ran downstairs to the car shop to find the owner of the club to choose a car, practice and pay the money.

This trip to Qinghai Lake is a certainty.

I didn’t know what riding was until I started.

I happened to set out with alizarin Hong and sister Jin.

They are also amateur riders, but they both have long-distance riding experience compared with me.

As for what this journey is, do you walk slowly and suck the scenery into your eyes, or do you keep pedaling madly with your feet until the end, or go with your nature without thinking about any motivation.

The first few tens of kilometers were completed in ignorance.

I don’t know how to control my body and breath, how to control the car, and what speed and rhythm I have.

I was just afraid of falling behind.

When I was thrown away by my brother and sister, I stared at them.

From 100 meters, 200 meters, 500 meters to about one kilometer, I became two fuzzy dots.

I don’t even care to get close to Qinghai Lake, look at the green grass beach, the cattle and sheep grazing with their tails bent down, or the continuous mountains and rivers in the distance and the large cotton clouds floating overhead.

At the end of the first day’s 100km and the last 12km, I was completely left behind, so I stopped for 4km and walked to the supply point alone.

The whole body did not say that it was too tired to fall apart, but the ass was so painful that it seemed that some tendons had been removed from the body.

There are many ways to measure time and space, and the cooperation between people and cars is also a way.

At the same time, in the cooperation of people and vehicles, the perception of time is also slowing down with the slowdown.

In this field, time is isolated from the outside world.

The only measure is my wheel.

The speed of time and the length of distance depend on my pedaling speed and my physical endurance.

The next day there was only a half day ride, a total of 50 kilometers.

Because the road was flat, the eldest brother had to ride in three sections, each of which was more than 10 kilometers.

To be honest, I was really desperate to ride.

After about 5 kilometers, I began to have no strength to keep up.

I was just worried about how I hadn’t ridden.

The more anxious I was, the more flustered I became.

I didn’t know what breathing was.

I forgot to adjust the gear of my car and look at the scenery along the coast.

I was just afraid that I couldn’t get there.

Did I make a wrong choice? Should I give up quickly? Should I go to the security car to have a rest.

I was afraid of more than that.

I was scared after riding every day.

I was afraid of where I would get hurt.

I was afraid that I would become a waste fish the next day.

The next day, after running 50 kilometers, I forgot to stretch in time.

In the afternoon, my legs hurt so much that I couldn’t lift them up.

I was particularly worried because on the third day, all the staff rode together, and it took 120 kilometers.

The longest and most slopes in the whole journey.

If my leg breaks, I’ll have to sit in the car.

So when I had dinner at night, I was pressing my legs, and I was pressing my legs before I went to bed, hoping to open the painful tendon.

Before the third day, the weather turned bad, the sunrise was not seen, and it was raining all the time.

Looking at the huge black clouds in the sky, I always feel that they will fall down soon.

Wearing a heavy poncho, the area affected by the wind immediately becomes larger.

In addition, the wind is strong, and the rain is easy to blur the line of sight.

We all lined up to climb the slope.

At the end, I was like a blind man, rushing and bumping, unable to find the direction.

The mood really fell below the freezing point, and kept panting, and the next second would be able to suffocate.

The brain is lack of oxygen, and the back of the head is pulled back by some force.

My head will soon be broken by that force.

In the back, I am really confused, and everything in front of me is shaking.

Fortunately, the body has a mechanical memory and pedals in a pattern, ignoring the danger signals sent by the brain.

The stormy climb in the morning almost cost me half my life, but fortunately, this section is the closest to the lake.

I feel like riding close to the lake, and a large amount of iron blue water is pouring into my eyes.

At noon on the third day, the wind blew away the clouds and the sun scattered on the lake.

The afternoon after that should be the most enjoyable part of my four days.

The road is smooth and unobstructed, and the lake water is within reach.

In particular, the sun, clouds and lake water are intertwined.

Like a trio, elegant blue movements of different depths and shades are played on the lake.

The movements continue like ribbons, with rhythm from the bottom of the lake.

I left the team and rode my bike leisurely, with all kinds of beautiful fantasies in my mind.

How wonderful it would be to ride on like this and forget all the past unhappiness.

There was a gap.

After paying 5 yuan, he ran to the lake and sat down.

At first glance, the dark blue Qinghai Lake was in front of him.

People couldn’t help but want to jump in and never come out again..