Like riding, practicing flat support will also bring you many benefits

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Plank is a kind of self weight training similar to push ups.

Lying prone during exercise can effectively exercise the core muscle group, which is recognized as a good way to exercise the core muscle group.

Why do we need to do flat support! Because it is efficient to exercise with it.

First of all, in terms of time, you only need to invest very little time to do this action.

Secondly, this action doesn’t occupy the space and can be done almost at any time.

This is what this article wants to tell you today.

For details, please see the following: 1 Strengthen your core muscle group and improve your exercise ability.

Plate support mainly exercises core muscle groups, including transverse abdominal muscle, oblique abdominal muscle, rectus abdominis, and hip muscle.

By doing plank support, you can strengthen these muscles.

When these muscles are strengthened, you will find the improvement of exercise ability.

2 Reduce the risk of back and spine injuries.

Doing flat support can strengthen and strengthen your muscles and ensure that there is not too much pressure on your spine and back.

According to the research of the American Sports Association, flat support can not only reduce back pain, but also give you strong back support, especially in the upper back area.

3 Compared with other waist and abdomen exercises, plate support exercises can consume more calories.

For example, supine tummy, supine up and so on.

If you can exercise regularly, they will burn calories even when you are sitting by the computer or sleeping.

4 Improve your body posture.

Plank support exercises will improve your core muscle groups, which can greatly improve your standing posture and the ability to stabilize your posture.

So, when you do a period of plank support exercises, you can always maintain the correct sitting posture.

Because the core muscle group has a profound impact on the overall condition of the neck, shoulder, chest and back.

5 To improve your balance ability, here is an example.

Before you practice flat support, you may stand on one foot with your eyes closed for only a few seconds.

When you do a period of plank support practice, you are doing this movement is different.

So it can improve your balance.

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