Ride in the western suburbs of Bengbu on the Tomb Sweeping Day on April 5, 2022

Travel in the wilderness during the Qingming Festival, from the north of the mountain to Huaibin.

Spring makes the river green, and the mountains are near late spring.

During the Qingming Festival (Song Dynasty, Gao Zhu), there were many tomb fields on the north and South Mountains, and the Qingming Festival was a time of confusion.

Paper ashes fly as white butterflies, and tears and blood stain into red cuckoos.

The fox sleeps on the grave at sunset, and the children laugh at the lamp at night.

When there is wine in life, you should be drunk.

How can a drop ever reach Jiuquan.

Li chunye (yuan · Wang Yi) was denounced.

For one thing, Yuantian didn’t spread the word of planting jade.

Spring went away and spring came, and the wild fragrance came.

Wild geese enter Yan Yundan, but they don’t react.

They laugh and help the bright moon drunk the mountain sun.

On the other hand, his sleeve brushed the wind and covered Taifeng.

He once danced with Taibai in the west wind.

On his way home, he is thin and far away from Yangzhou.

He is visiting taiyiweng, our ancestor.

A Lin Zishan sees the joys and sorrows of Jishan (Ming, Zhou Xuan) for a hundred years, and sees the ups and downs in his dream.

It’s hard to pay for the snow in the midst of a long memory of Luoxia Castle Peak.

Will spring road solitary warbler early, suddenly rain river city midnight cold.

Ashamed of learning sword from Wuling space, who knows Feng Huan again? Tomb Sweeping Day is a matter of fact (Tang Meng Haoran).

Emperor Li pays attention to Tomb Sweeping Day, and people are sad.

The sound of the car on the road, Liu se east city Cui.

Flowers and grass grow together, and birds fly and butterflies play.

Sit in the empty hall and remember each other.

Drink tea and chat instead of getting drunk.

Magnolia flowers are slow, Tung flowers are blooming (song Liu Yong) Tung flowers are blooming, and it rains suddenly and clears the Ming Dynasty.

Zhengyan apricot forest, Xiangtao embroidery field, fragrant scenery like a screen.

Qingcheng, trying to win, suddenly carved saddle cyan out of the suburbs.

The wind is warm, the strings are crisp, and thousands of families compete to play a new sound.

Ying Ying, fighting grass for an outing.

People are gorgeous and flattering.

Often to the roadside, Zan hairpins fall and pearls are green.

Happy, to the beautiful place, the letter is exhausted, and the jade mountain inclines.

Fighting for the eternal days of the Ming Dynasty, the painting hall has a pillow of spring.

It’s been years since the cold food left Baisha (Tang Zhao Peng) Mo Jingke’s road, and there is still half of her youth.

Try to look at the spring fields above, and ten thousand willows brush the blue sky.

In the spring field (song, Song Qi), the green wild sun is pasted, and the spring flag comes out of the Xiaoqu.

Chuan Changluo rides behind, and Lin turns into a hidden precursor.

Early stamen red sticky apricot, light bud purple elm.

Sang Jiao didn’t dare to ask, but he was foolish to make you stupid.


Ride westward from Donghai avenue to the gate of Bengbu Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University (before 2022.4.5.9:30):2.

Turn back to the north of laoguanxu village and come to the south slope of Heihu mountain to enjoy spring (2022.4.5.9:35-10:02): I have been in the Jianghu for more than 50 years.

I have been acquainted with idealistic historical views since I heard them (song shiwenxiang).

Villains will build a party and snobbery depends on each other.

The potential becomes Naixi, and the potential goes away in opposition.

A gentleman values independence, and he is not deceived by his center.

Glory is ashamed and beautiful, and decay is not abandoned.

Gentlemen and villains are common here.

A gentleman can keep his integrity, but a villain can hiss.

Don’t you see, there are hundreds of millions of wild flowers in the beautiful spring, and the flowers are reflected in the column, if there is a period.

Once the frost wind was fierce, and the side glance could not support each other.

At the bottom of the stream, Qiao song is more than a hundred feet, and there are no branches attached to it at night.

The black color does not change over time, but it has its own cold posture.


Return to the gate of Bengbu Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University and take a rest across the road from the gate of the school, Change to a shared bike (2022.4.5.10:02-10:15):4.

Ride west along Donghai avenue to “Fengyuan Tushan pharmaceutical factory” (2022.4.5.10:16-10:32):5.

Leave Donghai Avenue and ride north along the village road to Tushan Village (2022.4.5.10:33-10:51):6.

Ride north from Tushan village to the water side of Huaihe River (2022.4.5.10:51-11:00): chunyeguan farming (Song Qi) returns to fresh fields with luxuriant Qi and changes old forests with cold posture.

The stream of defeat and defense rings quickly, and the new Lei mark is deep.

The baby pheasants play in the plains, and the song cattle go down to Puyin.

My Lu can learn from Jia, and I will always have the original intention.


Stay by the Huaihe River for 20 minutes (2022.4.5.11:01-11:20): people watching fishing and hunting in winter (song · Luyou) follow each other’s leisure, fishing and hunting, and meet everywhere in the South and East paths.

Embroidered feathers touch Yu Gengjie, and brocade scales come out of the net.

Watch the walking stick often shift the sun, and buy it back to protect your family from the winter.

But when the wind and frost are over, we can see the spring farmers from the spring fields.


Cross the marshland (2022.4.5.11:21-11:28): yewang (Ming zhangxiangyuan) in early spring, the new water is not fishing, and the remote forest is falling in the evening.

Chaimen can stand small, and sand birds fly alone.

Wax leap plum blossom is early, official rest guests are rare.

The new year’s Eve is near, and the moon shines at night.


Ride eastward from the village road to “Bengbuzha scenic spot” (2022.4.5.11:30-11:44): the new chunye Pavilion (song Caixiang) is governed by the people, and the imperial edict shaowunong.

It’s a matter of carrying wine.

It’s a matter of being in the middle of the room.

Kuang Pingxuan is tall, and CCTV fieldwork.

It bathes in the new light and generates soft wind according to the tiny.

The river is green with rising tide, and the foothills are red.

The season of ploughing and hoeing is moving, and the songs sound and meaning.

I’m not ashamed to manage materials together, but I’m lucky to have plenty of years.

If you are not tired of happiness, who will follow you.

Spring wild five songs (song song Xiang), one of which is the balance of the negative City, spring and wild color.

Smoke helps the willows after sunset, and snow annoys the plum blossom.

The wave shadow fish moves first, and the forest sound bird urges.

Xinxin group is happy, and the sick bone returns alone.

Second, the pond color enters chaiguan, and the Yang and distance return.

Flat Wuhu with fast steps, new water according to the face.

Waste battlements bird vocal music, Qinggao pheasant feather spots.

Every time a woodcutter talks, there is no serial business.

Third, it is near the eastern suburb Road, and the car is under the towel.

Frogs in the gutter drag purple, birds in the sand path leave books.

The wood leads the vine far away, and the wall steams the fungus with emptiness.

You Huai chatted and pitied, and did nothing unintentionally.

Fourth, the fertile fields are connected by Zhou Yuan, and the remote areas are connected by Zheng Li.

Lush County gas, North and South rich Qian.

Birds gallop in the wild because of the wind, and the rainbow wants to leave the sky.

Outside the Xieyang ruins, boars eat the spring fields.

On the fifth night of the festival, the harvest is fragrant, and the spring Artemisia is everywhere.

The morning rainbow rains first, and the cold goose comes later.

The distant trees are luxuriant, and the quiet flowers are blooming.

Meet the old peasant language, fight for a seat and sit linkuma.


Visit Bengbuzha scenic spot on the Huaihe River (2022.4.5.11:45-11:59): leave the Suba River in Fankou, visit Maqi Temple (song · Zhang Lei), take a boat down the fan River, and the south of the Yangtze River is purging.

On the Bank of xiaodengba River, you can see the spring fields from afar.

Step to Xiuzhu temple, ancient trees compete for Yanya.

In the past, sun Zhongmou, the punishment and sacrifice caused the teacher’s death.

Great plans have gone, and Britain is probably full of sadness and surprise.

Stone terraces make clouds, and red and white open a wide building.

The mountain monk is lonely and afraid of the cold..