Liling Jieante youth cycling independent camp phase 26

Liling jie’ante youth cycling independent Camp No.

26 – punch in the Guanzhuang Pinghu (cycling + water playing) of Liling’s new eight sights.

The world is so big that children should ride their own bikes to have a look! Liling Jieante cycling independent camp is a cycling activity for 6-15-year-old teenagers, who do not need their parents to accompany them to participate in and complete independently.

While exercising, go into nature, participate in club cycling, and cultivate children’s ability to solve problems alone and adapt to teamwork without the care of relatives.

Time: 7:30-18:00 on August 7, 2022 location: Pinghu Lake, Guanzhuang, Liling (mainly paved road) activity theme: cycling around the Lake Road (the beginning and end of Taiyang Island) + playing with water and practicing swimming (equipped with life jackets + armbands) activity intensity: medium (riding 10-20 kilometers with visual ability of the road journey) activity cost: 298 yuan / person, The 3-person group will enjoy the member price (member: giante brand bicycle users or riders who have participated in 10 events in total) 258 yuan / person (the cost is used for human and vehicle transportation, insurance, water, technical services, photo and video recording, etc.).

Activity Registration: technical coach coach Xu, Tel.

/ wechat 13077087877, activity leader Lai Ge, Tel.

/ wechat 13974154175, customer service Zhang Beibei, Phone / wechat 15074105757 (as of 20:00 the day before the event, the limit of a single event is up to 18 small drivers and at least 5 small drivers, subject to the payment of fees; no parachute, and in case of bad weather, the delay will be notified).

The main process of the event: 1.

Sign in at the gym, assemble and load 2.

Take a car (professional logistics vehicle) to the destination 3.

Team building, team leader riding explanation Warm up (safety helmets and gloves must be equipped for cycling) 4.

Cycling and technical training (one rest and replenishment in the middle) 5.

Group lunch and afternoon water play 6.

end the group photo of cycling, share the cycling of team members, load the car and return to the city 7.

End the activity in the gym, and parents sign for the photos of previous activities to share [registration requirements] 1.

Please provide the real name, ID number and telephone number of applicants to facilitate the purchase of insurance 2.

The registration is limited, and the registration is closed when the number of applicants is full, The registration is voluntary and cannot be cancelled within 24 hours before the departure of the event.

If you cancel the deduction of 20% of the expenses or the expenses incurred for personal reasons [safety tips] outdoor activities are risky, parents should register carefully! [scope of application] aged from 6 to 15 years old, healthy, without a history of chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, psychosis, etc., have a certain degree of autonomy, can better control emotions, and obey the arrangement of the team leader.

[mode of transportation] self driving [personal equipment] bicycles in good condition, sports shoes, sportswear (quick drying clothes and trousers), riding helmets, gloves, sunglasses, changing clothes…

[precautions] 1.

Please wear sports or leisure clothes as much as possible, and do not wear leather shoes or high heels.


Participants must obey the arrangement.

It is strictly forbidden to be late and wait for no one.

Follow the command and achieve unity, mutual assistance and safety first.


Do not act alone without authorization under any circumstances, and keep in touch at any time.

Members should communicate with the team leader in time if they have problems during the activity, so as to facilitate the team leader to make arrangements.

No matter when, where or what, it is strictly forbidden to leave the route without authorization and act alone.

There are at least two people walking together, and the team leader must be informed.


To understand the event schedule, precautions, event statement, and confirm the registration, you need to provide each person’s name, phone number, and ID card number so that you can purchase outdoor insurance the day before the event.


Enhance environmental awareness, take out all garbage on the way, and pay attention to mountain forest fire prevention.


Special note: in view of the uncontrollability of outdoor activities, in case of strong wind, heavy rain and other circumstances, the activities will be automatically cancelled, and participants are requested to correctly evaluate the risks of this activity.

Welcome friends who love cycling to join our team..