It is easy to ignore the problem of riding. Is your small waist bent correctly?

When it comes to the correct riding posture, people will hear people say that they should pull back the chest or spine, tighten the core or tighten the abdomen.

Which is the correct one? But don’t forget to think: once you tighten your abdominal muscles, how can you relax your spine? In my opinion, as long as you imagine that the spine is moved back section by section, and the core and hip joints are used to drive the treading, the position of the abdomen can be naturally contracted, and the upper body is still in a relaxed state.

The position of the abdomen naturally shrinks, and deliberate arching is unnecessary.

When riding, the upper body should be stable, and the back should be naturally bent forward.

Do not stand upright and stiff.

If the low back continues to maintain poor posture, it may lead to low back pain for a long time.

At ordinary times, you can do more waist and back stretching to increase softness and stability.

If the back feels uncomfortable, it may be that the same posture lasts too long.

You can stretch and relax first, and then find the reason from the stepping and riding posture.

For the correct concept of core muscle group, we should first pursue stability, and then gradually strengthen the muscle strength.

Common ground support movements such as stick and side stick can only be regarded as a part of training, but there are many abdominal muscle exercises.

We should adopt the circular method to match with floor movements and weight-bearing training.

It is unnecessary to be too biased or to invest in a single action for a long time.

The teacher emphasized that maintaining stability in the correct exercise, that is, exercising the core muscle group, and cycling is one of them.

It is highly recommended that wechat pay attention to the “cycling village”, which has naturally trained its core muscle groups when engaging in cycling.

When should these sports be scheduled? Personally, I suggest that you might as well integrate these movements into aerobic exercise and separate them from the climbing oriented muscle strength training.

If you want to ride well, you must not use the same menu every day; Which is more important depends on your training goals.

It’s not about doing what you want to do.

Only planned training can be effective.

Whether you want to go around the island or climb a mountain, in addition to a strong mind, the training program must be carried out step by step.

Common injury – lower back pain the forward leaning posture when riding a bicycle makes the rider have to keep the posture of lumbar vertebra bending forward and pelvis leaning back for a long time, which makes the muscles, ligaments and intervertebral discs of the lower back bear great pressure.

In addition, the up and down vibration force during riding often causes pain and inflammation of these tissues due to excessive pulling or fatigue, resulting in symptoms of lower back pain.

Improper seat cushion height and grip position often accelerate the occurrence of this situation.

The lying posture of riding a bicycle needs to be adjusted step by step to be more ideal.

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