“Let’s go to Lhasa” the first stop of “riding in China” has come to a successful conclusion!

On June 26, the first stop of “riding in China” large-scale immersive financial media live broadcast “let’s go to Lhasa” jointly planned by Shandong TV culture and tourism channel, lightning news and Jinan Avenue heavy machinery club came to a successful conclusion! Today’s live broadcast of the closing ceremony also won the best recommendation on the central video home page! The live broadcast activity was not only broadcast in the whole process through more than ten network platforms, such as central video, lightning news, culture and tourism slow broadcast, Tiktok, Kwai, video number, Sina Weibo, etc.

in just 14 days, the number of live views of the whole network exceeded 30million.

At the same time, it was also presented on the TV terminal of Shandong TV culture and tourism channel.

“Riding in China” has read more than 100million single microblog topics and 160million related microblog topics in total, which has attracted the broadcasting assistance of more than 10 TV channels across the country and become a phenomenal communication activity in the cultural and tourism industry.

“Riding in China” IP has achieved quite a lot.

It has an all-round audio-visual sense of China’s magnificent rivers and mountains, bringing a new cultural tourism experience to netizens across the country.

This is the significance of our cultural tourism live broadcast! “Riding in China” uses motorcycles to measure the motherland with wheels and see the magnificent mountains and rivers.

This is also the first time that the whole journey of riding into Tibet has been broadcast live in China.

On June 13, “riding China” started from Jinan, crossed Kaifeng, passed Xi’an, reached Chengdu, took the 318 Sichuan Tibet line, braved difficulties, climbed mountains, and enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery of plains, hills, snow mountains, grasslands, glaciers, lakes, virgin forests, and finally arrived at the destination Lhasa, Tibet, on June 25, spanning five provinces, for 14 days, nearly 4000 kilometers.

“Riding in China” has six direct broadcast signals in front, followed up cycling alternately, switched signals in the rear TV terminal and network terminal, and interviewed guests; Front and back interactive live broadcast, double screen presentation, three-dimensional communication! Lhasa is an ancient city full of charm and a bright pearl on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau.

No matter where you come from, the strong exotic customs will be unforgettable to you for a long time.

On the 14th day of “riding in China”, we went on a “cultural tour in Lhasa”.

First of all, we punch in the new landmark of Tibetan art and Culture Tourism – jibungang Lacan.

It is the only existing ancient building in Lhasa that is completely built in accordance with the mandala structure.

There are still a large number of high-level Qing Dynasty Murals inside, which analyze the ancient city style, Tibetan architecture, Tibetan painting and modern history, providing us with a one-stop window to understand Tibetan culture.

Next, we went to Tibet yak Museum, the only museum in China with yak and yak culture as its theme.

Through the four exhibition halls of gratitude yak, mystery yak, companion yak and Lingmei yak, we felt the unique customs of Tibetan yak culture and understood the history and Humanities of Tibet.

Bakuo street in Lhasa is a street with a thousand year old charm and strong ethnic characteristics.

Every day, people from all over Tibet and tourists from home and abroad are jostling with each other.

The live footage turns to bakuo street in Lhasa, which is a street with a strong flavor of Tibetan life and a flowing folk culture corridor.

Ancient Tibetan architecture, exquisite traditional Tibetan articles, colorful Thangka, and Tibetan food that brings people a feast on the tongue…

All kinds of characteristic culture about Tibet can be found in bakuojie.

At the Potala Palace Square, gaojianhong, director of Lhasa Tourism Development Bureau, Tibet, presented the holy hada to the Knights.

Hufangliang, President of Jinan Avenue heavy machinery club, shared the knowledge and experience of “riding in China”.

With the slogan of “riding in China to see the magnificent mountains and rivers”, the first stop of “riding in China” of Shandong TV culture and tourism channel “let’s go to Lhasa” came to a successful conclusion! At the same time, the 14 day live broadcast of “riding in China” has been assisted by the broadcasting of China Television Tourism Alliance, the cultural and tourism center of Guangdong Radio and television station, Beijing life channel, Guangxi variety tourism channel, Guizhou public channel and Sichuan Cultural and tourism channel.

The immersive financial media live broadcast is carried out in all channels, all networks and all hours, and the culture and folk customs along the way are understood through the full live broadcast of TV and network screens, Feel the current happy scene together, and feel the beautiful China from the perspective of culture and tourism.

“Let’s go to Lhasa” the first stop of “riding in China” has come to a successful conclusion! Shandong TV culture and tourism channel has made concerted efforts to overcome multiple difficulties and complete a new initiative in China’s TV industry with unprecedented perseverance and perseverance! On the cultural and Tourism Road, we will go on another expedition to “ride through China” to see the magnificent mountains and rivers.

Our second stop.