Riding, choosing a car that suits you is the king’s way

All along, some riders have asked, what kind of car do you want to buy to suit you? Xiaobian also collected some information on the Internet, and sent it along with some of his own opinions.

For your reference, there must be something wrong.

Don’t follow my example.

I hope it can help those who love cycling.

First of all, it depends on your purpose of riding a bicycle.

If you go to work, school or shopping, you can use a common portable car.

If you travel a long distance, you should choose a bike with a transmission and narrow tires.

If it is a short distance, you should choose a portable car.

If it often rains in your area, you should choose a bike with mudguards.

If you have more opportunities to ride at night, you should choose a bike with lights, etc.

These cars cost hundreds of yuan.

There is no need to buy thousands of cars.

That would be a waste.

Of course, the people who read the posts here are not just those who go to school or work by bike.

So the most important thing is to buy a car that can really bring you fun.

1、 It is important to understand the safety of the brake, so it is also important to choose a safe brake.

The friction of the V brake is the contact friction between the brake block and the rim of the rubber mixture.

Generally, the braking effect is very strong.

Unless the rim is very hot when the brake is continuously applied at a high speed downhill, the braking force will be weakened at such a temperature.

The higher the temperature, the worse the braking effect.

The disc brake is braked by friction between metal discs and disc brake friction blocks.

This kind of braking is very powerful.

Similar to automobiles and high-end motorcycles, it is not affected by rain and bad road conditions.

Because the disc brake friction blocks are metal sintered materials, they work well even in rainy days and with mud, although the braking force drops significantly, But the friction between rubber and aluminum alloy rims is stronger than that of V brake.

In addition, because the disc brake disc is made of steel and generally has holes, the attenuation with the increase of heat during continuous downhill braking is better than that of V braking.

But you get what you pay for.

Generally speaking, low-priced disc brakes weigh about 800g to 1kg more than V brakes, and the gap between high-end cars is smaller.

If the weight is listed separately, it can be seen that this is still an important factor affecting riding, which must be considered.

The choice between the disc brake and the V brake is more reasonable.

The customer is advised to choose from his own budget from the perspective of use.

A good V brake is much more reliable than a cheap disc brake! 2、 Looking at the frame, the first key to the frame is its size.

A frame must conform to the height and arm length of a driver in order to be really suitable.

The frame that is too small is easy to be adjusted to the appropriate height, and the riser seat rod is too long, so that the strength risk of these parts is greater.

Because the longer the exposure will lead to the longer bar effect, the sitting bar is easy to break and bend under the action of the long bar during the crash, and even pry the frame, while the riser too long during the bumping may also break, and these too long parts such as “riser” are easy to lead to the increase of weight and the decrease of rigidity.

A similar problem may also occur.

Too long riser may also cause the transverse center of gravity to be excessively located in front of the front wheel axle, and it is easy to overturn when going downhill.

Too large frame will also produce some negative problems.

For example, an off-road vehicle with too short riser will easily tilt its head when climbing an angle slope.

When the handle is 580mm short, the front wheels of the vehicle are too flexible to control, and the sitting pole is too low.

The whole is not beautiful.

In addition, the center of gravity of the off-road vehicle, especially in the hilly environment, cannot be adjusted more effectively when the height changes greatly.

Another key point of choosing a frame is to choose different types of frames in different environments.

For example, highway or mountain frames used in climbing environment have high requirements on the rigidity and weight of the frame.

Therefore, this type of frame must have round and solid risers and inclined pipes.

The five-way pipe must be hard and relatively light in weight, while the frame used for flat ground needs better aerodynamics, such as flat water drop inclined pipes and risers.

As long as the weight of the frame is not too heavy.

The frame used for travel also needs to consider the requirements of the frame for load-bearing and comfort.

Therefore, the frame is not suitable to consider too light.

The frame must be able to be installed on the rear shelf of load.

The best material for the frame can be those made of steel and titanium, because the metal fatigue resistance and elasticity are relatively better.

As we usually do, we mainly ride and play.

I think we only need to pay attention to the frame and brakes.

Of course, the design and color of the car are also selected according to their own preferences.

As for the price, I think it can be put in the final consideration.

Cycling is a sport that makes you happy both physically and mentally.

The biggest sorrow in your life is that you have no money to spend when you die…

So you should first choose a car that suits you, and then look at the price.

According to different personal hobbies, some people have thousands of cars that are the most suitable for them, while others have tens of thousands of cars that are their favorite.

So choose your favorite car and let your wallet cry…

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