In the process of poisoning, calculate how much you spent

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Riding is a fashionable sport and a money burning sport.

But it depends on how you play, not that you have to have a very expensive car to do what you want.

Riding is fun and taste.

It has nothing to do with money, but it is also closely related.

Let’s settle our accounts.

No matter what interests and hobbies, including cycling, it is very expensive to play to a certain extent.

Everyone has heard that bicycles are poor for three generations and apples ruin their lives.

This is really not a joke.

Therefore, as the saying goes, poor people play with cars, rich people play with watches, losers play with computers.

When I first bought a bike, I didn’t understand anything.

My idea was very simple, such as fitness and weight loss.

The ideal state was to buy a similar car, but I didn’t understand anything.

This initial stage can only be regarded as feeling and experience.

At this stage, many friends will give up riding, and cycling is eating ash at home.

I used 3K at this stage.

With the increasing experience of playing with the car, the time to communicate with riders increases.

With my gradual understanding of the bike and my little balance, upgrade it.

After upgrading the kit and wheel set, I changed the frame.

Finally, I realized that I changed a car.

Reassemble the replaced parts and have an extra car at home.

This process took one and a half years and took 9K.

As the road conditions got better and better, and I was tired of climbing, I began to be infatuated with road cars.

So I had a third car, an entry-level road car.

I’ve also done so.

I choose the travel mode of vehicles according to the travel route.

I used 6K at this stage.

The pursuit of perfection, when I was able to drive a road car, I began to dislike my current equipment.

Change the car, get out of the road, change the integrated carbon frame, speed coupling set and DT wheel set.

I don’t want to say how much money I spent at this stage, but my family thinks I’m infected with some bad hobbies.

Riding, in addition to economic investment, needs more energy and time investment.

But I still advise you, almost.

Take me as an example, I have nothing else except a few bicycles that can’t go on the table.

Finally, I wish you all a smooth ride on the road.

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