I really didn’t expect it when I didn’t touch cycling

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Riding is a fashionable sport and a popular exercise mode.

Many friends are always thinking about whether they are suitable for themselves when they are not in contact with cycling; Whether you can stick to it or not.

When you are mature and enter the circle, you will find that you are really a potential stock.

In addition to exercising, cycling can also gain a lot of friends, which many riders did not expect before entering the circle.

This is also the biggest gain.

I can never imagine that I can complete a journey of 100 ~ 200km every day by stepping on my two feet.

While exercising my will, my physical state is changing in a good direction.

I really can’t experience riding without contact.

I encounter riding friends on the road, a greeting, a smile, a comfort when waving, the warmth when getting help, the sense of achievement when helping others, a temporary team, and the happiness of occasional company when returning.

Never thought that riding a day, only a few tens of dollars, and still can have a good time, harmonious atmosphere, laughter all the way, wonderful meals and so on.

If you don’t ride, you will never experience it.

­ I can’t understand why I don’t play cycling.

I ate pickles for months and even quit playing games for a kit.

For a wheel group, wear a hundred yuan suit for a long time, but there are a lot of riding clothes.

If you don’t ride, you will never understand the unity of people and vehicles, and the specific meaning of people in cars.

When you come into contact with cycling, you will feel that it is really close to nature from the city, with zero fuel consumption and environmental protection.

Do not play cycling will never experience, because of the sudden state, the feeling of carrying a car and walking; I can’t understand what others say.

The boy is crazy and bought two wheels at the price of a car.

If you don’t ride, you can’t understand.

There’s nothing that can’t be solved at one time.

Happy can ride, unhappy can ride, need to vent, choose to ride, need a party can also choose to ride, even the wedding can also choose to ride.

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