I hope you don’t hit any of the nine bad habits of riding!

The convenience of bicycle makes many people fall in love with cycling.

In addition, cycling is green and environmentally friendly, which can exercise.

Bicycle has become one of the important members of road traffic.

However, frequent traffic accidents have sounded the alarm for us to ride.

When cycling, I hope you must avoid these bad habits.


Do not wear helmets.

Wearing helmets on bicycles is the minimum respect of a cyclist for this sport.

In a car crash, the most vulnerable to serious injury is the head.

Some people may not wear helmets for various reasons, but in case of an accident, these reasons will kill you.


Retrograde} the news of “female master’s riding retrograde killed an old drunk cyclist and was sentenced to 10 months and paid 500000” made us aware of the danger of retrograde once again.

In cities with more bicycle lanes, it is easy to see cyclists retrograde wantonly.

What’s more, they directly rode on the motorway and walked opposite the whole steel dragon, hitting it head-on.

In fact, some people have no awareness of abiding by the law when cycling, and think that traffic regulations punish motor vehicles, and non motor vehicles are outside the law.

However, as a natural vulnerable party, bicycles are the most seriously injured in accidents.


According to Article 68 of the regulations for the implementation of the road traffic safety law of the people’s Republic of China, non motor vehicles passing through intersections controlled by traffic signals shall pass in accordance with the following provisions: (1) non motor vehicles turning give priority to straight vehicles and pedestrians; (2) in case of traffic jam at the intersection ahead, do not enter the intersection; (III) when turning left, turn to the right of the central point of the intersection; (4) In case of stop signal, it shall stop outside the stop line of the intersection in turn.

If there is no stop line, stop outside the intersection; (V) turn right.

When the front vehicle in the same direction is waiting for the release signal, those who can turn in this lane can pass; If you can’t turn, wait in turn.

There are still a few people who do not rush the red light directly, but are unwilling to wait for a few seconds and can’t wait to pass when the motor vehicle signal light has been banned and the sidewalk signal light still hasn’t turned green.

Don’t run the red light.

You’d rather stop for three minutes than one second.


Article 75 of the road traffic safety law of the people’s Republic of China stipulates that: (1) driving a non motor vehicle on the road shall comply with the provisions on traffic safety.

Non motor vehicles shall drive in non motor vehicle lanes; (2) On a road without a non motorized lane, you should drive on the right side of the roadway.

Rush to the main road is the most common chronic disease in the city.

Ride a bike to seize the bus lane, or walk directly through the central traffic flow of the main road.

Guys, people’s lives are their own.

They can’t come back to life after hanging up.

London office workers seize the motorway 5 Not equipped with warning lights} for night riding, front lights and tail lights are very important.

It is a nightmare not to install warning lights in the sections without street lights in the city.

When the motor vehicle approaches, you can rely on the headlights to see your twisting little ass.

Regardless of lane change, deceleration and braking, it is impossible to reserve enough reaction time for the vehicles behind.


I believe many listeners have the habit of riding headphones.

The noise of motor vehicles in the city is too loud, or in order to learn a language, cyclists love to wear headphones when they travel.

However, the potential safety hazard of this behavior is still quite large.

The sound of headphones will cover the important signal sound on the road and distract attention.

Using Bluetooth headsets or small speakers can not fundamentally avoid risks.

Don’t listen to music!  7.

Playing with mobile phones} Xiaobian has seen the best thing is riding with both hands playing with mobile phones.

He doesn’t hold the car at all and doesn’t look at the road with both eyes.

At that time, Xiaobian saw this situation and began to doubt life.

Really, don’t die.


I won’t mention the speed of life and death on the Sichuan Tibet line.

How much riding friends’ blood has been shed in the folding pond.

In the city, riding without brakes, whistling past pedestrians, I think everyone must also hate it.


Absentmindedly looking at my sister, I} feel it…