I am on duty on holidays – riding safety starts from “head”

1 the topic of wearing safety helmets in electric vehicles is a commonplace.

However, no matter how hard the traffic police emphasize the importance of safety helmets and the harm of not wearing helmets, we can often see some “willful” electric vehicle drivers who do not wear safety helmets.

Some of them are afraid that the helmets will mess up their hair, and some just don’t wear them when they put them in the basket, Is “play” riding an electric car without a helmet? Sorry, your appearance without a helmet has been photographed by millet.

Come and see who is “on the camera”.


In the area of one helmet, safety often reminds everyone again that you must wear a safety helmet correctly, whether driving a motorcycle or an electric bicycle, whether in the front or rear of the vehicle Standardize the use of safety belts, so as to protect yourself to a greater extent in case of danger..