The confusion of riding can be solved by 0 down payment

Choosing the right war horse to travel is a necessary puzzle for every knight, but the answer to this question is often thousands of people and thousands of faces.

What others like is not necessarily suitable for you.

Learning to read motorcycles can make you ride the horizon more handsome and freely.

① looking for a journey of motorcycle – meet to travel by bike and explore by motorcycle.

Do you know whether to choose sports or exploration? Choose where to ride.

That’s a question bmwf900r, bmwf900r & bmwf900xr high torque in-line dual cylinder engine, displacement 895cc, rated power 63w / 6750rpm, torque 89n · M / 6750rpm, surging power and dynamic, allowing you to explore freely.

Bmwf900xr has more complete and safe configuration, Using science and technology to protect travel, anti lock braking system ABS curve, anti lock braking system abspro engine resistance torque control system MSR dynamic traction control system DTC tire pressure monitoring RDC , fearless of unknown journey, you can enjoy sports performance and be competent for long-distance travel , ② chasing busy city riding trails – longitudinal engine conquering the City, enjoying the fun of sports car, exciting engine and commuting, can you have both? No, only children make choices.

All Knights need bmwf900r & bmwf900xr to be equipped with TFT color display and BMW interconnection system.

All the information required for driving can be realized in front of them.

It can also realize the functions of answering the phone and playing music.

It can smooth the fickleness and make commuting fun.

Bmwf900r is neat and handsome.

Bmwf900xr’s sharp, strong and recognizable texture lines shape the king of both sports talents, Eye catching bmwf900r & bmwf900xr every design symbolizes extraordinary.

Every water chestnut emits a sense of movement.

Twist the accelerator, and you are the shining superstar in the city.

③ endless challenges – travel, exploration, or street riding.

The invariable driving mode seems difficult to deal with? In rainy days, sports or more professional modes, there are more challenges.

Bmwf900r & bmwf900xr provide four riding modes to meet the needs of a variety of travel scenarios, (4) a trusted partner is “suitable” for you — in the eyes of a thousand people, there are a thousand Hamlet knights.

Their love and needs for mounts are also different.

In addition to love, “suitable” is also very important, but “inappropriate” is even more heartbreaking.

Is there no solution to this problem? Bmwf900r provides 770mm / 790mm seat height options to meet the needs of Knights of different shapes.

At the same time, bmwf900xr provides clutch pull rod The height of the brake lever and windshield can also be flexibly adjusted to bring a comfortable riding experience for the knight, so that the knight can enjoy the fun of pure sports driving.

Moreover, during the period from July 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021, if you buy bmwf900r / bmwf900xr, you can enjoy 0 down payment, which can also be divided into 24 installments (in months).

At the same time, if you buy bmwf900r, you can get exclusive knight equipment worth 4300 yuan For more information, you can get a gift of $1800 from the dealer of the BMW racefor sport helmets and $900 from the racefor sport helmets Travel or exploration do not need to be tangled.

Enjoy pure driving joy and make riding a kind of life.

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