Do you know what to do?

Can’t you ride a bike yet? Can’t you ride as long as there’s nothing wrong with your legs? Maybe this is your first reaction to this problem, but if you buy a sports bike and want it to bring benefits to your health, life and life, the problem is not so simple.

Strictly speaking, I’m also a new rider.

It’s really not so easy to answer this proposition now, but I can’t bear to see that many riders around me have gone through some detours and brought some pain to my body.

Combined with the detours and pain I’ve experienced, I dare to throw a brick and attract jade.

Please give me advice from old riders and experts and ride a healthy bike together.

Is your car suitable for your body? When buying a car, you must buy a bike of the right size according to your body data, which is the basis of scientific and healthy cycling.

After buying the car, we must make scientific adjustment and setting.

This is not a simple thing.

We must ask experienced professionals to operate it.

Is the car always suitable for your body after being set once? No, because your body is changing at any time.

When you first start cycling, your leg strength is small and your back strength is weak.

You can’t ride on the car with a high seat like an old bird.

You must adjust the setting of your car at any time with the change of your body movement function.

I read in the magazine that a Japanese amateur cyclist adjusted the car setting six times within half a year! Why? At the beginning, it was set that the car must adapt to its own body, so it must be comfortable.

If it was set as an old bird, it would certainly hurt the body.

After buying a car, set your car first.

Don’t look at the old bird, don’t look at the car setting of the tour de France driver.

Your car just needs to be comfortable.

How should I ride within three months after buying a car? Maybe the incentive for you to buy a car is to fly by like others and want to go far in the surprised eyes of the electric car, but in three months, wait! After all, the human body is made of meat, not steel.

Unless you have a good physical foundation Often adhere to high-intensity sports (like director Qiu), ordinary people still need to lay a solid foundation first and gradually exercise to improve leg strength, back strength and cardiopulmonary function.

How to lay a solid foundation for high-rise buildings? I think we should focus on the following points: 1.

Car control is the most basic for new riders, especially high-speed cycling Be careful when driving and turning.

Speed is a very sharp knife.

If you don’t master it well, you will hurt you severely.

I was riding a bicycle for about three months.

I fell 5 meters at the speed of 28 on Guangyang road.

Since then, I no longer know the height of heaven and earth.

After all, life is the bottom line.

Car control requires familiarity and proficiency in the operation of your car.

Gradually practice the integration of people and cars until the car is like your own legs.

This is easy to say and difficult to do.

It needs to be realized slowly.

Car control is the foundation and the magic weapon to protect your life at a critical juncture.


The strength required for cycling may be different from that of other sports.

Similarly, cycling requires different physical strength between mountain biking and road biking.

Therefore, cycling to exercise physical strength must be targeted and step by step.

Physical strength training is a long process.

There is no shortcut.

It needs long-term persistence and sweat.

But we must not be eager for success, and we must not exercise too much for a long time when we are lack of strength, which can only cause harm to the body.


Treading frequency is an important factor that determines how fast and how far you can ride in the end.

The speed of treading frequency is closely related to your heartbeat.

Therefore, at the beginning, try not to just look at the speedometer, but pay more attention to the speedometer.

Other suggestions for people who have just started riding.


The most important suggestion is safety.

The first thing after buying a car is to buy a safe and reliable helmet.

It is recommended to buy a high-quality helmet.

A good helmet can protect your fragile head.

Don’t say “I don’t ride very fast”, “I just ride a little distance and turn around nearby”, “isn’t it hot to wear a helmet in summer?” After all, life safety comes first.

In addition, when riding, you should check the vehicle condition, abide by the traffic rules, and do not ride in remote and unfamiliar road conditions.

This is the most important advice Xiaobian gives you, and it is also an important lesson learned from many riders’ personal experience.


Weekend soldiers should never be weekend soldiers: it is easy to hurt the body and improve the riding ability to return the riding volume of a week to one weekend.

It’s best to set a goal for cycling time every week.

For cyclists who lose weight, the more effective way is to adhere to aerobic cycling for a long time.


What equipment do you need when riding? Helmets, gloves, riding glasses and lights are the most basic and necessary.

But once you like cycling, you want to buy some professional cycling clothes, heart rate code meters, etc.

women may also need a sports bra.

Xiaobian suggested that you buy through formal channels and never buy fake products.

Lights and reflective strips are used when riding day and night.

Air pump, tire repair tools and combination tools are very necessary in long-distance riding.

If it’s a long-distance ride, tell your family or friends about your ride plan in advance.

Don’t let them worry! 4.

Warm up and relaxation in order to reduce the chance of injury, warm-up and relaxation should be carried out respectively before and after riding.

There is no exception to this rule.

Warm up exercises and relaxation activities can prevent physical injuries and muscle soreness.

The warm-up time is directly proportional to the exercise time.

The longer the exercise time, the longer the warm-up.

Generally speaking, an hour of exercise takes about ten minutes of warm-up.

Before the activity, there should be a warm-up ride with a speed of 15km / h and 15-20 minutes..