Cycling diary, dream chasing day 123~

1、 Another fan on diary B asked me a question.

As for the brand of bicycle transmission, he asked, do you prefer Speedlink or Shimano.

I thought about it.

I don’t seem to have used the express connection, so I prefer ximaro.

So I answered him: I like Shimano now, but I don’t know about it in the future.

The speed change dial of the mountain bike I’m riding now is Shimano’s.

Because I’m used to it, I think it’s pretty good.

It works very well.

It can also change two gears continuously.

I’m not familiar with the speed connected paddle transmission.

But after watching the fans in the comment area give me some popular science, I think the quick connect transmission also seems a little interesting.

He said that when shifting gears, it feels like a bullet on a rifle.

I don’t know which is better, but I think I’ll like it.

I just haven’t compared it yet.

It’s hard to say.

He said that Shimano’s is soft and its fingering is plastic.

Some riders are more optimistic about Shimano, while some people become addicted to the fingering of the speed link after using the speed link.

Others say that the Shimano leather of the highway kit is durable, the logic is clear, and the quick connect weight has a slight advantage, but the logic has to adapt, and the distinction between mountain bike kits is not obvious.

So it’s radishes and vegetables.

Each has his own love.

But I don’t know about the quick connect kit, so I’m a little curious.

Second, save money to buy Golf goal: Earn 100W from scratch, and then buy a favorite car for yourself.

The time is set to be achieved within two to three years.

(the content is still in revision) on day 123, I saved 00 yuan today (everything has just begun ~) III.

challenge riding for 1000 days (20 kilometers per day in the first stage) in order to keep fit, maintain a good physical state, because there is an old saying: the body is the capital of revolution.

This is a protracted war, so we must keep the body healthy and energetic before we can continue to fight.


jiawechat that private wechat wants to know: afan202068 believes in dreams and the power of faith.

I believe everything is possible~ 。.